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Nepal Improves Fixed Broadband Speed In Speedtest Global Index

Nepal’s Fixed Broadband broadband speed has improved in Speedtest’s latest Global Index. Meanwhile, mobile broadband speed has jumped down in the October index.

Globally recognized internet data analytic organization Speedtest has just released its Global Index for October. As per the data, Nepal has a mixed bag impression.

Nepal’s Fixed-Broadband internet speed has bettered by one position and clinched 97th position. In mobile broadband, however, Nepal has regressed by 3 positions to rest at 107th rank.

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In Speedtest’s October Index, Nepal’s fixed broadband download speed was 27.59 Mbps on average. The upload was speed was also very encouraging at 24.20 almost equaling the download speed with 10 ms latency.

Nepal improves Fixed Broadband Speed
Speedtest Global Index for mobile and fixed broadband

As per the data, Nepal’s rank in mobile broadband has gone down by 3 positions. Resting at 107th, Nepal’s mobile broadband download speed was recorded at an average of 15.41 Mbps. Similarly, the upload speed was just recorded at 9.41 on average with 23 ms latency.

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Speedtest Global Index For Fixed Broadband: Overview

As per Speedtest, the global fixed broadband average for download speed clocked 56.09 Mbps and 23.53 Mbps upload speed on average. Meanwhile, the latency was 10 ms on average.

Singapore, the broadband utopia was atop with 188.11 Mbps download speed and 161.52 Mbps upload speed. Thailand and Hong Kong earned 2nd and 3rd rank respectively in the index.

RankCountriesDownload speed (Mbps)
3Hong Kong (SAR)170.48
Top 5 countries in Speedtest Global Index | Fixed Broadband Category

Speedtest recorded Thailand’s download speed at 173.44 Mbps and 170.48 Mbps for Hong Kong.

Chile and Denmark rest at fourth and fifth. The South American nation’s download speed clocked at 163.49 Mbps on average. Meanwhile, Denmark’s download speed was recorded at 146.64 Mbps.

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Nepal’s Fixed Broadband Speed Among SAARC

When comparing Nepal’s fixed broadband profile among its SAARC entities, its position stays moderate.

CountriesDownload Speed
among SAARC
in Global Index
India 46.18170
Bangladesh 29.01294
Nepal 27.59397
Sri Lanka 17.274118
Maldives 10.725137
Pakistan 8.756150
Bhutan 7.467161
Afghanistan 1.708181
Nepal among SAARC nations in Fixed Broadband

Among SAARC, India stays at the top with 46.18 Mbps speed, and Bangladesh follows at second with an average 29.01 Mbps speed on average.

Nepal ranks third at 27.59 Mbps speed. Sri Lanka, Maldives, and Pakistan follow at fourth, fifth, and sixth respectively. They averaged 17.27, 10.72, and 8.75 Mbps download speed on average.

Bhutan and Afghanistan perched at seventh and eighth positions among their SAARC siblings with 7.46 Mbps and 1.76 Mbps download speed on average.

Speedtest Global Index for Mobile Broadband

The global average speed of mobile broadband was recorded at 28.61 for download. Ookla recorded upload speed at 8.32 Mbps and latency at 23 ms.

While Nepal was able to improve its Fixed Broadband profile by one rank further up at 97th, the Mobile broadband position has faltered down to 107th.

UAE (United Arab Emirates) leads Speedtest’s Global Index for Mobile Broadband at the top with 130.19 Mbps speed. The Gulf country’s upload speed though is minimal compared to its download speed which is 23.93 Mbps only.

RankCountriesDownload speed
3South Korea98.93
Top 5 countries in Speedtest Global Index | Mobile Broadband Category

Norway and South Korea follow at second and third with 107.50 Mbps and 98.93 Mbps respectively.

Qatar and Netherlands rank at fourth and fifth respectively. Speedtest recorded Qatar’s download speed at 92.83 Mbps and the Netherlands at 91.96 Mbps.

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Nepal which rests at 107th position has 15.41 Mbps download speed and 9.41 Mbps upload speed with 23 ms latency.

Ookla measured the internet speed of 141 countries for its Mobile Broadband Index.

Nepal’s Mobile Broadband Speed Among SAARC

In terms of Mobile Broadband speed in SAARC, Nepal does have a strong showing. It rests just behind the Maldives at second.

CountriesDownload Speed (Mbps)Rank
among SAARC
in Global Index
Sri Lanka12.605120
Nepal among SAARC nations in Mobile Broadband

Talking about the Island nations, it stays atop with 48.46 Mbps speed. It also improves its global ranking from fixed broadband’s 137th to 30th in mobile broadband. Pakistan, India, and Sri Lanka follow at third, fourth, and fifth with 14.41/13.45/12.60 Mbps download speed respectively.

Bangladesh and Afghanistan rest at sixth and seventh with 8.91 Mbps and 5.64 Mbps download speed among its SAARC fraternity. Bhutan was not included in this category.

In general, Nepal’s internet speed on both mobile and fixed-line is not satisfactory. But if we compare it to the SAARC entities, Nepal is not falling behind either.

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Due to the 100 Mbps speed competition raging in Nepal’s fiber broadband, we can see a leapfrog in months if the user base grows. As for mobile, 4G is expanding nationwide and NTC is taking lead in terms of numbers. this also raises the prospect for an improved wireless internet proving drastically in the next few months.

Nepal has improved its fixed broadband speed profile in Speedtest Global Index and that might continue in the upcoming months.

Does Speedtest’s global broadband speed averages match with your mobile and FTTH bandwidth speed? Do let us know in the comment below.

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