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Nepal Continues to Improve Fixed Broadband Speed

Nepal has continued to improve its fixed broadband speed. Currently, Nepal’s average download speed has increased to 40.50 Mbps on fiber broadband, Ookla’s February 2022 global speed index shows. Besides, Nepal has also improved its rank in mobile broadband.

In the last index from December 2021, Nepal’s average download speed was 40.37 Mbps and clinched 79th. But despite the increase in download speed, the position has seen its rank slump by 3 positions to 82nd. Likewise, Nepal’s fiber broadband recorded 38.53 Mbps upload and latency of 5 ms.

On the other hand, Nepal’s average download speed in mobile broadband has also improved. Now, it ranks 108th with a 16.25 Mbps download speed. The upload speed and latency stood at 10.34 Mbps and 23 ms respectively.  

Nepal Improves Fixed broadband Speed
Courtesy: Ookla

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Nepal’s Fixed Broadband Speed Among SAARC

Fixed Broadband speed among SAARC saw minor changes in Ookla’s latest data with all the countries staying at similar positions from the previous standings. India, which maintains the pole position clocked 48.14 Mbps download speed and ranked 1st in SAARC. The largest country in South Asia stands 70th in the Global ranking.

Nepal maintains its second rank but with an increased speed of 40.50 Mbps and ranks 82nd globally. Similarly, Bangladesh clocked 31.28 Mbps, a slight improvement from the previous data. The country gets 98th rank globally in the fixed broadband speed index.

Sri Lank averaged 20.22 Mbps download speed and ranked 4th while staying unmoved at 113th in the global index.

CountriesDownload Speed
in Global Index
India 48.14170
Nepal 40.50282
Bangladesh 31.28398
Sri Lanka 20.224113
Maldives 12.535136
Bhutan 9.796144
Pakistan 9.407151
Afghanistan 1.638180
Fixed broadband download speed among SAARC | Data credit: Ookla

Bhutan follows towards the bottom of the table with countries having below 10 Mbps download speed. The country clocks 9.79 Mbps in fixed broadband speed and ranks 6th in SAARC and 144th globally. Pakistan follows at 7th with 9.40 Mbps and ranks 151 globally. Afghanistan rests at 180th globally and 8th among SAAR siblings. It is the only country with below 2 Mbps downloads speed at 1.63 Mbps.

The best and the worst in SAARC

As the table highlights, there are two countries with 40+ Mbps download speed among the SAARC nations. While Bhutan and Pakistan still struggle to reach 10 Mbps speed. Afghanistan meanwhile, is the worst performer with a meager 1+ Mbps speed. The country also ranks last in the global fixed broadband speed list.

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Internet Speed War Begins Showing Effect

The improvement in Nepal’s fiber broadband speed is attributable to the internet speed war. Ever since CG Net’s 120 Mbps package, it has caused a major stir in the ISP market. Major ISPs have begun offering 3 digits speed plans at the base. This has likely increased fixed line speed and will continue to in the future.

Further, Nepal has also got two ISPs, WorldLink and Classic Tech launching 1 Gbps internet speed with Mesh WiFi systems. The erratic internet war frenzy has now caught the attention of telecom regulator NTA which has called on ISPs to refrain from unnecessary speed war. But we believe, it is only going to reach new milestones.

What’s the speed you are getting from your subscription? Are you satisfied with it or plan to upgrade? Do share in the comments below.

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