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Nepal Sees Mixed Results in the Global Broadband Speed Rank

Nepal has witnessed a decrease in mobile broadband speed in the latest global broadband speed rank by Ookla. The latest speed slump has also dragged down the rank of the country among the 139 countries. However, fiber broadband data continues to impress with consistent high-speeds. We have a comprehensive details in the lines below.

The June analysis by Ookla shows that Nepal’s mobile broadband speed clocked at just 15.3 Mbps on average and sank by 7 places to 113th. In the previous month, the mobile broadband speed was 16.49 Mbps at 106th.

In other details, Nepal’ recorded 24 ms latency of 24 ms and 8.84 upload speed on average in a mobile broadband connection.

Norway tops the mobile broadband speed with 126.96 Mbps download and 17.91 Mbps upload speed in the same Ookla report.

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Nepal gains ground in Fiber Broadband

While mobile internet speed remains substandard, Nepal can look up to fixed-line broadband speed for a respite. In June, Nepal retained its 81st position among 182 countries with a 44.62 Mbps of download speed on average. And unlike with mobile broadband, fibre internet network’s upload speed is also close to the download speed. the report shows Nepal’s fiber internet upload speed hitting 42.13 just close to the download speed and boasts an excellent latency record of 5 ms.

Globally, Chile is the best performer in fiber broadband internet connection. The South Asian country clocked 213.73 Mbps average download speed and 132.62 Mbps average upload speed in the June analysis.

Below, we have a detailed fiber internet ranking of Nepal among the South Asian neighbors. As Nepal is making a significant progress in the wired broadband service, particularly since the speed war, it is fair to check how Nepal is ‘speeding’ in the region.

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Fixed Broadband Speed of Nepal in South Asia

In South Asia, India tops the fixed-line broadband speed index with 48.11 Mbps download speed and 47.33 Mbps upload speed. The region’s largest telecom market though remains 72nd in the global ranking.

Nepal claims the second spot with 44.62 Mbps download speed and 42.13 upload speed on average. In the global ranking, Nepal remains at the 81st spot. The average download speed difference between Nepal and India is just of 3.49 Mbps.

Bangladesh follows at third with a 32.64 average download speed. The country’s wired internet connectivity also boasts a decent 32.52 Mbps upload speed and rests at 3rd in South Asia and at 101st globally.

Sri Lanka maintains a respectable 20.14 Mbps download speed at 4th in the regions. But the upload speed is very low at 4.63 Mbps on average.

The Maldives offers just over 11 Mbps download speed. The Island country remains at 5th in the region and at 140th on the global Speedtest index.

Pakistan and Bhutan remain at 7th and 6th respectively with just below 10 Mbps download speed.  Afghanistan stays last with a compromising 2.05 download speed. The politically embattled country also remains second from last at 181st rank among 182 countries.  

CountriesDownload Speed
Upload Speed
in Global Index
India 48.1147.33172
Nepal 44.6242.13281
Bangladesh 32.6432.523101
Sri Lanka 20.144.634125
Ranking by Fixed broadband speed of South Asian countries| Data credit: Ookla

The best and the worst in SAARC

As the table shows, in South Asia, only India and Nepal provide over 40+ Mbps download speed. As the report highlights, India is inching closer to 50 Mbps milestone while Nepal is just short of the 45 Mbps mark. While Pakistan and Bhutan still struggle to reach 10 Mbps speed. Afghanistan meanwhile, is the worst performer with just above 2 Mbps speed. Meanwhile, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka are the moderate performers in the region.

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Which speed do you get on your mobile and home WiFi broadband connection? Are you satisfied or want improvement? You can share in the comments below.

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