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Ncell brings 20-20 pack at Rs 20

March 11, 2016: Ncell, the private mobile service provider of the country, has brought a new pack called ‘20-20 Pack’ which has voice and data bundled into one. According to the statement issued today, the pack is believed to facilitate their pre-paid customers to enjoy voice and data service at more affordable rate.
The 20-20 pack, launched on the occasion of the ICC Twenty20 Cricket World Cup 2016, is coming into effect from March 11 and will be validated till the 20-20 World Cup period.
The pack is valid for 24 hours, which comprises of 20 minutes talk-time within Ncell network and 20MB data costing Rs. 20, excluding tax.
The pack can be activated by dialing 17114 or sending SMS by typing 20 to 17114. It is only available to Ncell Prepaid customers.
Ncell is very prompt in bringing such packs to mark the special events or occasion. This time the 20 20 pack which is launched marking the ICC twenty20 Cricket World cup event, is believed to be popular among low paying customers like students and ideal for cricket updates too.

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