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What do people do to get a good mobile signal in their phone?

People keep wondering when they cannot get a good mobile signal on their phone. Good mobile signal means that you can have a good quality voice call and fast browsing internet speed. It is annoying to people when they cannot get a mobile signal. We have asked our followers with the question, “What do you do if you cannot get a good mobile signal on your phone?”.  Or it can also be said how to get a good mobile signal.

We have also provided three options and they can even put their own answers. Here is what people commented for their action in search of a good mobile signal.

Moving your position

 Most of the people selected option: “Search for the signal by moving and stand firm where the signal is good.” It seems people move around to look for the signal and stay where they find a good signal.

Resetting the phone.

Similarly, second, most people commented for their own option to switch off the phone and turn on again. While some opted to enable airplane mode and disable at the same time. They believe sometimes their phone is connected to the wrong tower (far tower) and doing the reset or flight mode helps to select the nearest tower.

More the height, more the chance of getting a signal.

People have this belief that the more height they go, their mobile will get more signal. So people also selected

  • option A. Aim mobile phone to higher sky or
  • option B. Go to higher position up the floors.

Switch to lower technology from 4G to 3G or 3G to 2G

People also believe that there are fewer towers of 4G to 3G and then to 2G. So, selecting to 3G or 2G enables them to get a good signal and be connected even if the internet speed is lower.

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Other people’s action include

  • There is no better option than to wait. But with this option, you may have to wait for a longer time.
  • Use dual SIM or switch to another operator’s SIM which you know have a good signal there.
  • Complain to the telecom company to get a signal tower there.

If you still have different activities for how to get a good mobile signal, please comment below.

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