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How to inform Ntc for illegal international calls?

Ntc has issued a press release regarding the increase of illegal international calls in recent days. As the quality of such international calls is not up to the mark and there is a huge loss of revenues and tax to government, Ntc makes people aware of this and seeks support.

How to identify the illegal international calls in Ntc?

If you get an international call to your home telephone or mobile and it is showing the local Ntc number, then it is for sure an illegal call. The calls are routed or bypass from the usual call routes using different methods like VoIP, which will not provide any sort of revenue or tax to the country. The quality of such calls is not even consistent.

Apart from Ntc or local numbers, you can even get calls from Private numbers or unrealistic numbers. Ntc recently informed public of fake calls for the lottery win. Ntc have also found such calls to have used the illegal routes. As it is necessary to prevent or control such illegal activities, Ntc has asked people’s help in this regard.

How to inform Ntc for the illegal international calls?

If you have encountered such calls, it is a duty of a responsible citizen to inform the operator.

  • To help them control those activities, you can Ntc at 188 and give the number of the illegal international calls.

Ntc says the calls made to this number will be free of charge. So, customers can inform to this number without any cost.

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