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How to subscribe data packs in CDMA sky?

CDMA is one of the technology/service that is well suited for providing mobile service in remote areas. Having served well for more than decade, People still use data on the go with Nepal Telecom’s CDMA sky service. But it is not convenient as GSM Namaste to subscribe several packs. Here in this post we try to make it easy for you to know how to subscribe data/voice packs in CDMA sky.

Except for few packs, all of the Nepal Telecom (Ntc) packs are available with CDMA service as well. It includes voice packs, data packs, unlimited packs and more. CDMA has its coverage in almost all parts of the country. Although it has been decided by the authorities to shutdown CDMA by the year 2022, it will be very difficult for the shutdown unless the telcos provide any mobile service there.

How to subscribe the data/voice packs in Ntc CDMA?

As we said before, it is not that easy to buy/subscribe data/voice packs in CDMA as compared to GSM. Ntc GSM service have the USSD based activation method using *1415# which is not available with CDMA. Here are the several ways to subscribe the data/voice packs in Ntc CDMA.

  • By SMS: To subscribe the data/voice packs by SMS method, you need to find the respective keyword for the data/voice pack and send it to 1415.
  • By Nepal Telecom app: You can use Nepal Telecom app to subscribe the several packs.
    • At first, you need to download the Nepal Telecom app
    • Register your CDMA SIM in the app. (you will get 100 MB data for free with the registration).
    • Then click buy packs and select the packs to buy.

Hope you have found the means to subscribe the packs in CDMA sky. If you have any queries, you can write it to us.

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