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Ntc FTTH fiber service now available in 28 districts

Nepal Telecom (NTC) has been distributing the FTTH line with internet and voice service in different parts of the country for some time. At first, the high-speed internet speed was available in Kathmandu and then they expanded it to more cities. Now the Ntc Fiber internet service called FTTH is available in 28 districts of the country. Let’s find the information about FTTH service, its availability and offers below.

FTTH stands for Fiber to the home, which is an access technology to provide high speed, reliable, and quality internet service to your fixed locations through the use of optical fiber.



  • Latest access technology with the optical fibre connection
  • High-speed internet (1 Mbps to 100 Mbps)
  • Landline service with the same fiber line
  • Better quality service on the internet and voice service.
  • IPTV service soon to come with the FTTH service (Triple-play service)

Now Ntc FTTH customers can also use landline service through the Fiber FTTH line. They are also going to provide IPTV service with the fiber line.

Compared to the traditional copper-based line, FTTH provides better quality voice and internet services due to the use of optical fiber and IP based technology. Optical fiber is a transmission medium used in the FTTH fiber internet service, which has low signal degradation along its length and high bandwidth which is not possible with the copper or coaxial cables.

Ntc FTTH availability

As per their plan to distribute the high-speed fiber internet in all major cities, Ntc started the massive expansion of the service from Jestha 27, 2075 in Kirtipur. Now the fiber internet service of Nepal Telecom (aka NT fibre) is available in 28 districts. They have around 25,000 FTTH customers as per NTA data Chaitra 2076.

Ntc connects the fibre to the customer premises through its exchanges. Here we shall provide the detailed information of Ntc FTTH availability from those exchanges so that it will be easy to know whether the Fiber internet is available in your place or not.


For Kathmandu district, here are the Nt exchanges and the detailed location name where Nepal Telecom FTTH service is available.

  • Kirtipur
    • Bhatkeko party, Near the exchange, Nagau Dobato Chowk, Nagau, Kirtipur Bihar, Kirtipur, Kirtipur Dhokashi, Chikhu Planning, Kumari Club and Tyanglaphat
  • Gongabu
    • Chhamati, Gongabu Chowk Ringroad, Khusibu Town planning, Khusibu Nayabazar, Basundhara
  • Naxal
    • Putalisadak (opposite Kumari bank), Putalisadak, Star Mall, Dillibazar, Dillibazar Pipalbot, Charkhal, Gyaneshwor, Ghattekulo, Maitidevi, Khasibazar, Krishna Pauroti
  • Chauni
    • Kalimati, Tahachal, Chauni, Bafal, Gaibaccha party, Naikap, Civil Homes Tinthana, Orchid Colony, Dhunge Adda to Tinthana,
  • Sundhara
    • Thahiti Chowk, Bhedasingh, Ason, Baghdurbar, Teku,
  • Hattigauda
    • Basundhara, Maharajgunj, Near Bhatbhateni Supermarket, Sukedhara, Dhumbarahi
  • Babarmahal
    • Alpha-beta complex, BICC North, Near White house college, Opposite Venice Hospital
  • Thimi (Gatthaghar)
    • Namuna Chowk, Sunrise chowk, Near Kadaghari chowk, Suncity
  • Chabahil
    • Near Chabahil NT office


Here are the areas in Lalitpur districts where Ntc fiber internet is available.

  • Saibu
    • Saibu Office, Vinayak Colony, Janta Awash, Karyabinayak
  • Patan
    • Near Bakhundole, Sanepa Chowk, Jhamsikhel, Gusingal, Kupondole, KanDevta Mandir.
  • Thaiba
    • Jharuwarasi, Naya Basti, Damaitar


 For Bhaktapur Districts, Ntc FTTH fiber internet is available in the following locations.

  • Bhaktapur Exchange
    • Jitpur, Nagarkot,
  • Thimi
    • Akha hospital Area, Near the pool, Cabinet 25 and Kaushaltar area

Outside Kathmandu Valley

You can find the locations with the availability of Nepal Telecom’s Fiber service, for outside Kathmandu as below.

  • Pokhara
    • Hallan Chowk, Jarebar, Lake Side
  • Bhairahwa
    •  Anchalpur, Milanchowk and Exchange chowk
  • Mangalapur
    • Paramount chowk, New Mill area, NT exchange area and Bhaktapur chowk
  • Butwal
    • Mahendra chowk, Traffic chowk, Amarpath and Suryapura
  • Kavre
    • Near Banepa office
  • Nepalgunj
    • Bhrikutinagar, Buspark, Karkando (NEA office), Dhamboji area, Rajha Airport, Kohalpur, and Shiva Mandir
  • Chitwan (Bharatpur)
    • Tandi Chowk, Police office and Telecom mode
  • Sauraha
    • Hattichowk and Bachauli chowk
  • Makawanpur (Hetauda)
    • Bastipur, Hetauda office, Buddha Chowk, Om Bhawan and Chauki Tole.
  • Morang (Biratnagar)
    • Jaljala chowk
  • Dhankuta
    • Tribeni chowk and highway
  • Janakpur (Dhanusha)
    • Shiva chowk, Bhanu Chowk, Mahabir chowk, Murli chowk, and Province 2 CM office.
  • Damak (Jhapa)
    • Night bus stop
  • Birtamod
    • Mukti chowk and West area of Bus stop
  • Dhangadhi (Kailali)
    • Campus chowk in Hulaki road, Shiv Nagar chowk, Gyanu Plaza Chauraha, and Opposite area of Chauraha
  • Ghorahi bazar of Dang
  • Baglung bazar of Baglung
  • Bazar area of Mahendranagar (Kanchanpur)
  • Beni bazar and Beni of Myagdi
  • Flood affected area and Cabinet no. 2 of Bardaghat of Nawalparasi
  • Palpa Bazar in Palpa
  • Tatopani dry port area of Sindhupalchowk
  • Chaurikharka of Lukla
  •  Surkhet Bazar, Birendra chowk of Surkhet
  • Dhading

How to subscribe Ntc FTTH?

To subscribe Ntc FTTH service, you need to

  • Visit the Ntc office and fill a registration form in their counter.
  • Then the Ntc team will come to your place and survey for further info like the termination point and the length of the fiber.
  • NTC will do the installation of the fibre and the CPE as per feasibility and availability
  • After registration and installation, you will get a username and password.

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CPE/Set-top box

As mentioned above, you will need an FTTH modem aka Customer premises equipment (CPE)/Set-top box to use the fiber internet service. With the registration of the new FTTH line, the customer can get the set-top box/CPE and 100-meter fiber cable for free.


NTC FTTH pack and offer

NTC has several affordable unlimited FTTH packs suited for individual home and corporate users. The basic data only pack of 8 Mbps for an individual user will cost Rs 800 for a month (which is now available only for the ADSL to FTTH migration users and that cannot be renewed as well.

Subscribing the 8 Mbps internet for 3 months, and 12 months, the cost will be a little cheaper.

Unlimited 8 Mbps FTTH internet subscription for a year costs Rs 8000, inclusive of taxes. Similarly, subscription for a year will provide you 14 months of internet subscription.

There are several unlimited FTTH packs with speed ranging differently for individual and corporate users. For individual users, the internet speeds are 8 Mbps, 20 Mbps, and 50 Mbps. Whereas for corporate users, the FTTH speeds are 10 Mbps and 20 Mbps. As per NTC, the FUP (Fair usage policy) applies for the unlimited FTTH pack.

S.N Individual users FTTH Validity 8 Mbps unlimited FTTH price 20 Mbps 50 Mbps
1 1 Month Rs. 800 Rs 1200 Rs 1800
2 3 Months Rs. 2300 Rs. 3600 Rs. 5400
3 12 Months Rs. 8000 Rs. 14400 Rs. 21600

Similarly, for corporate users, here are the different unlimited FTTH packs.

S.N Corporate FTTH validity Cost of Unlimited 10Mbps Unlimited 20 Mbps
1 3 Months Rs. 10300 Rs. 19500
2 6 Months Rs. 18400 Rs. 36800
3 12 Months Rs. 34500 Rs. 69000

The price mentioned above includes all of the applicable taxes.

Combo offer

NTC has also a combo offer which includes voice service and internet service provided from the same line. Right now, you can get the offer at Rs 1000 per month which includes 250 minutes on-net voice and 15 Mbps unlimited internet.

There are other packs of unlimited internet of 25 Mbps, and 60 Mbps while the monthly voice minutes remain the same as 250 per month. Subscribing for 12 months package, you can get 14 months of subscription for the data only and combo packs. Read all the details about Ntc FTTH speed, offer, registration. You can also check with a trick if the FTTH service is available in your place. Checkout the link.

Tell us if you are interested to subscribe Ntc FTTH service if it is available in your place in the comment below.

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