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ISPs reply to the government for internet: Can only support sick and elderly

ISPs have responded to the government’s directive for making the internet work despite being unable to pay the bill. ISPAN has now made it clear that they will not cut the internet lines of Sick, People with disabilities and elderly people who could not do the recharge themselves.

ISPAN issues a press statement for the reply to the government’s directives. They say they have been largely challenged with this pandemic. They also share of putting huge effort to make the internet service work all the time.

ISP response internet cut lockdown

Here are some of the points in the ISPAN statement.

  • ISPs claim of acting responsibly for their duty to people so that they would not be deprived of internet service. While following the government directives and actions.
  • They say they have been providing continuous internet service to home users who are sick and do not have supporting personnel for the payment.
  • ISPs need to pay for the internet bandwidth to international internet providers/carriers. They say, due to the increased usage, the amount to pay for such bandwidth has also increased. Similarly, they reveal their challenges to provide Salary to their employees who are also working so hard in these times. Due to this crisis, they declare their inability to make the internet work for all customers, who could not pay the bills.
  • They state that they have already integrated the digital payment system, long before the lockdown. So, they request all customers (except for the ones below) to pay for the internet bill using digital methods.
  • They also share that they will provide continuous support to those elderly, sick, people with disability home users to get internet services despite being unable to pay.

Nepal Government urges ISPs not to cut off internet access in lockdown

It is almost a month that the whole country has been facing lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Nepal Government is rigorously working on rapid testing but at such a crucial time when people should be staying at home, what will happen if people get deprived of internet access?

The concern is mainly for those customers who cannot manage to pay for the internet bills in this lockdown period. ISPs are now providing some grace period after the deadline is over and then cut off the internet service but not for an indefinite period. It is also one of the challenges for the ISP to soothe their customers for such complaints.


Internet for productive days

To control further spreading of coronavirus, Nepal Government announced lockdown, which sadly prolonged. People are utilizing this time at home to be productive and for this purpose, the internet plays a vital role.

People are using the internet to spend their free time at home. The internet can be quite productive and helps you to be creative at the same time. Some people are watching tutorials on the internet and developing new skills. Some people are watching fitness videos and practicing it to be fit.

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Various recipes available on the internet are also the choice of many people. Some students use the internet to do research, to find study materials and books. Some employees are attending video meetings with the help of the internet. Whereas Some people find their source of entertainment on the internet.

With the help of the internet, some people are getting to connect and communicate with their dear ones on social media. The internet is also used to be updated with current affairs. In this way, the internet is keeping people busy and productive in this difficult situation. Read here for the top ten ways to be productive with the internet in this lockdown.

Official notice by NTA

When Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) came to know that the Internet Service Provider (ISP) is cutting off the internet access of their customers who are unable to pay their bills on time, NTA released an official notice. The notice urged the IPS in Nepal not to cut off the internet access of their customers during lockdown even if they are unable to pay their internet bills on time. Nepal Government expressed their worry about the negative impact of the absence of the internet on the people.

NTA notice ISP cut off internet

In this lockdown period, the use of the internet has rapidly increased. In this crisis situation, even some top Internet service providers in Nepal are finding it difficult to provide internet facility to the people without payment. Earlier they expressed dissatisfaction with the government for further discounts as they have to provide payment to India in order to buy the internet. But unfortunately, some people are unable to pay for the internet as they cannot get out of their homes.

NTA also requested the concerned ISP and telcos in Nepal to provide seamless internet to the customers who are unable to do the payment. They also urged them to make provision to charge the customers later, after the lockdown, but without any late fee.

Use of Online payment

Even if you are at home, it is possible to pay the internet bills from home. For this purpose, you can utilize the online payment systems in Nepal. You can pay the bills with the available online/mobile banking and digital payment platforms. There are various online payment apps like eSewa, Khalti app, Fonepay, and more that include internet bill-paying features. Read here for the top digital payment service providers in Nepal.

In this way, you don’t have to get out of your home, you won’t have to use physical money, and the payment can be done instantly without a long wait. By paying online, you can support the effort of ISPs in Nepal on providing service. Due to which, they can overcome those challenges and continue putting their best efforts during this lockdown period.

We suggest you read how to use mobile wallets for such payments.

Final words

NTA urged the ISP in Nepal not to cut off the internet access of their customers in this lockdown period even if they fail to pay bills on time. Earlier Government had asked for the 25% discount on the internet service bill but ISPs said they could not provide such discount sans subsidies. With the increasing demand for the internet and the above reasons, ISPs become unable to extend internet access to their customers without bill payment.

What we believe is that they are trying to provide us with 24 hours of uninterrupted internet access during the lockdown period. So, at least the literate ones can support their effort by using online payment platforms to pay bills on time. Likewise, people can help their friends and family to pay for internet bills from their accounts.

Please comment if you have supported anyone in these times for the payment of internet bills and/or recharging the mobile phones.

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