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Huawei Connect 2020: Everything you need to know.

HUAWEI is organizing HUAWEI CONNECT 2020 in Shanghai from September 23 to 26, 2020. HUAWEI CONNECT is an annual flagship event hosted by Huawei for the global ICT industry. Here they showcased five tech domains to create value not only to Huawei but for all sectors globally.

This is basically a platform where Huawei discloses its major ideas and strategies. Some of the platonic ideas that were disclosed in this even were in 2016 where Huawei envisioned an intelligent world and called upon its partners worldwide to build a diverse and thriving Costa Rica-like ecosystem together.

Similarly, in 2017, Huawei announced its goal of becoming one of the world’s five major cloud service providers. Moreover, in 2018, Huawei revealed its AI strategy, and then in 2019 its computing strategy.

As in 2020, 5G is thriving on a huge scale and connectivity, cloud, AI, computing, and industrial applications. These aspects have all come together to create unique opportunities for the ICT sector. Therefore HUAWEI CONNECT is focusing on creating new value with synergy across five tech domains for this year.

Also, on a futuristic level, Huawei will converge on applying ICT technologies to industries. There, it will be providing scenario-specific solutions along with its partners to help enterprises grow their businesses. Adding up, it will also support governments to accomplish their vital goals of supporting domestic industry. They will be serving their constituents and improving overall governance as well.

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Some major insights of HUAWEI CONNECT 2020

There were some major perks on the event, the key event detail being the speech from Guo Ping, Rotating Chairman of Huawei. He delivered a keynote speech on “Creating New Value with Synergy Across Five Tech Domains”.

Guo Ping Huawei Connect 2020

Here Guo said, “As more and more governments and enterprises go digital and embrace intelligence, the ICT sector will see incredible potential for growth. We look forward to opening this new chapter together with our partners.” Moreover, he also shared that Huawei’s leading practices in helping build smart enterprises, in the various sector have been regarded to their major business systems.

In its second phase, Huawei will work with its partners to apply ICT technologies to industries. Here, it will help enterprises to grow their businesses. It will also help governments achieve their strategic goals like

  • Boosting domestic industry
  • Benefiting their constituents
  • Improving overall governance.

Also, Huawei announced that it will keep investing in the following key business domains:

Network domain:

In this domain, Huawei has proposed that the concept of intelligent connectivity which aims to deliver a hyper-automated network that offers ubiquitous gigabit access. It also determines experience to enable intelligent upgrades of major business systems of governments and enterprises.

Computing domain:

Here, Huawei will be providing diverse computing power to customers, decoupling software from hardware to adapt its compute to different processing needs, including x86 and Kunpeng.

Cloud service domain:

Huawei has established 23 regions worldwide, attracting over 1.5 million developers. So, with that, it’s Cloud Service will also expand on a wide scale.

AI domain:

Huawei aims to better integrate AI into the major business systems of governments and enterprises, using know-how and data to build the core competency of AI systems.

Huawei Connect driving innovation in business

If we have too put this in simpler terms we can say that connectivity, computing, cloud, and AI are a lot like electricity 100 years ago. Whereas, industry applications are like home appliances and industrial equipment powered by electricity.

So, Huawei believes that co-operation across these five tech domains will be a huge step up. More importantly, they will present opportunities for the overall sector. Huawei hopes to grow the whole pie with its partners, enabling them to reap the most benefits from the new value chain.

Guo looked back on the three principles he proposed in 2016 Tech Education, Cooler Master, and CS&S. These were the principles he used for building a diverse and thriving Costa Rica-like ecosystem. He also shared that these three examples have helped three of its partners grow their business. Guo noted that Huawei will continuously support its partners in their efforts to develop industry applications, boost the supply chain, and grow their own industries.

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Summing Up:

The annual flagship event hosted by Huawei for the global ICT industry did come up with various merits. Its new initiatives will help the tech world to flourish in a new way. This open platform designed by Huawei will help the customers and partners to navigate changes, share experiences, and work together to create new value.

Huawei Connect 2020, is a means to explore trends and opportunities in industry digitization. It also showcases advanced ICT technologies, products, and solutions to give us an insider’s look at the fruits of joint innovation to share best practices in digital transformation. Huawei’s ultimate goal is to build an open and sound industry ecosystem that will benefit all stakeholders and create new value for all industries.

So, the overall event described the new ideas and aims that will be focused this year. With that, we hope with a great initiative as this Huawei does continues to make exceptional progress in the tech world in the coming days as well.

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