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Nepal Telecom Brings Eco Voice Pack, Eco Combo Pack, And More

Nepal Telecom first announced the Eco packs together with the Tihar offer for the introduction of a new per-day voice and combo pack. They also made a few changes in the available data packs for their customers for Eco voice and Combo packs. Eco should stand for the Economic pack. Find the Eco voice pack, Eco data pack with voice combo pack, Large social media pack, and revision in the postpaid pack below.

The new Eco pack, Eco combo pack, and huge social media pack are available within the Autumn offer.

Eco-Voice pack

Nepal Telecom has added an Eco voice pack to its range of voice packages. The Eco voice pack has two separate offers with a validity of 7 days and 28 days. You can get 100 minutes of calls per day with both of the packs. They differ in price and validity days. Find all of the Voice packs in Ntc.

So, the 7 days pack with 110*7=770 minute call costs Rs 95 whereas the 28 days pack with 110*28=3080 minute call costs Rs 375. The price is inclusive of all the government taxes.

This pack is beneficial to those who make a large number of calls. The voice minutes are for calls within the Ntc network only.

Eco Data pack with voice (Combo)

NTC also provides this combo pack called Eco data pack with voice minutes to customers. You can get 1GB of data per day, together with 14 mins of voice calls. For Tihar, the price of the combo pack was quite cheap but now they have adjusted this offer with their already available 1GB per day pack.

There are two such packs in the Eco data pack with a voice offer. The cost of 7 days Eco combo pack is Rs 250 with which you get 7GB of data and 92 minutes of call (1GB, 14 mins per day). Whereas the cost of 28 days combo pack is Rs 850. You get totality of 28GB of data and 392 minutes of voice with this 28 days pack.

Do checkout: All the Data packages in NTC SIM.

Large Social Media pack

The Large Social Media pack has a huge volume of data to use for Facebook and YouTube with the Ntc SIM card. There are two large-volume social media packs, valid for 7 days and 28 days. Find all of the NTC social media packs with Facebook and more.

Large Social Media packVolumePrice
7 days large social media pack7GB (1GB per day) for Fb/YouTube
+ 4GB all time, all app data
Rs 180
28 days pack28GB (1GB per day) for Fb/YouTube + 10GB all time, all app dataRs 599

You can use 1GB of data for Facebook and YouTube with the package, within 24 hours. Whereas the all-time data, all app can be used for all applications throughout the validity period.

Revision in Postpaid pack

Nepal Telecom also revises the postpaid packs with the addition of a Rs 599 pack and an increment of data volume in Rs 749 packs.

With the 599 postpaid pack, you can get 400 mins on-net calls, 50 minutes of all-net pack, 6GB data, and 200 SMS. This package is beneficial to those who want to get the most services in their postpaid SIM at a lesser cost.

Similarly, the 749 postpaid pack provides 800 mins on-net calls, 75 mins all-net pack, 8GB data, and 500 SMS. Earlier, there were only 4GB of data in the pack, which is doubled now. You can use the pack for 30 days in Ntc postpaid SIM. Find all of the NTC postpaid packs and the benefits.

You can subscribe to all of the packs by dialing *1415# whereas you can also use Nepal Telecom mobile app for the subscription. Find the packages inside the Ntc Autumn offer.

Hope all of the NTC offers and packages mentioned above will be fruitful for your data, and voice requirements. Please comment on the newly launched Eco voice and Eco Combo (data with voice) pack below.

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