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NTA Releases Notice Regarding IMEI Registration Portal Not Working

As complaints mounted over NTA’s IMEI registration portal not working, the telecom authority has issued a notice with instructions. Find below what Nepal Telecommunication Authority has to say regarding the EIR portal issue.

If you have lately tried to gain access to NTA’s portal, chances are you found an annoying ‘error’ notice. This has frustrated many phone users in Nepal who want to verify their devices and stay away from NTA’s clampdown. But due to a huge number of people trying to enter the portal, the site’s server is unable to bear the traffic load and shows the following screen in return. NTA has come with a statement regarding the issue. Keep reading to learn what it has to say.

NTA portal showing error
Error on NTA EIR portal

NTA is implementing Mobile Device Management System (MDMS) from Shrawan 1 to marginalize the use of unauthorized phones in Nepal. More commonly termed ‘grey phones’, such devices are not registered prior to their entry into Nepal NTA.

Nepalese living and working abroad bring these devices to Nepal as gifts for their family and friends. While retailers audaciously bring these phones evading the customs in borders and sell them for a cheaper price.

The statement read that before phones enter Nepal, they require a ‘Type Approval certificate from NTA for which the distributor or phone vendors themselves submit application. Every phone that reaches Nepal from official channels are already registered at NTA with its IMEI/MEID numbers. MDMS is coming in to ensure that only legitimate devices are in operation on any network in Nepal.

Portal Under Maintenance

Update on July 8, 2021: The database error is not shown in the NTA phone registration portal but now it shows “The site is under maintenance”. This means NTA is working to resolve the server issue.

NTA phone registration portal maintenance

Update on July 11, 2021: The EIR server comes live now after maintenance, you can follow the steps here to register your phone’s IMEI online.

What Does NTA’s Statement Say?

The statement reads that if anyone has bought a smartphone from authorized stores (within Nepal) that have fulfilled all their legal regulations for the phones, they don’t need to bother. Such phones are likely to have gone through NTA’s parameters before they arrived in the market.

NTA offers phone users to register their devices’ IMEI at the NTA website for phone registration. However, Shrawan 1 is fast approaching, and many people have tried to gain access to the portal causing traffic overload.

NTA IMEI registration problem notice

Not only the users of unregistered phones but those who want to check on their device’s status have also tried to enter the portal. This has resulted in the portal returning ‘Database Error’. NTA has acknowledged the situation and is working diligently to restore the system back.

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NTA To Spare Phones From Abroad

Phones coming from abroad via family and friends make for a large portion of ‘grey phones’ in the country. Regarding this, NTA says those unregistered phones will continue to receive all telecom services as normal. It also says that owners will be allowed more time to register their devices’ IMEI as soon as the portal comes alive back again.

NTA has also requested consumers to receive a VAT bill and ensure their devices are fully qualified by NTA’s parameters to run on Nepali mobile networks. It implicitly cautions that buying legitimate phones will spare them of any troubles with the NTA’s regulatory practices.

In its statement, NTA has affirmed that it is working its best to bring the portal back to life and has issued an apology to the disgruntled phone users for the inconvenience.

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If you have any queries regarding the whole MDMS and grey phone saga, let us address your concern in the comments below.

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