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Ncell Paid 27 Arab, NTC Only 12 Arab In Telecom Taxes FY 077/78

Ncell has paid an engrossing 27 Arab in telecom taxes for FY 077/78. Meanwhile, NTC only contributed 12 Arab. WorldLink led as the highest taxpayer among the ISPs. Find out how much each telecom and ISP companies paid to NTA for the previous Fiscal Year.

NTA’s data of Nepal’s communications companies’ telecom taxes contribution for FY 077/78 highlights Ncell, NTC, WorldLink as the significant contributors. The companies have proved vital for Nepal’s broadband reach as well as the collection of the revenue for the Nepal government. Learn how much they have contributed in the previous Fiscal Year 077/78.

Nepal Telecommunications Authority, the telecommunications authority in Nepal has released its yearly report on revenues collection for FY 077/78. The data reveals how much each major communications service provider contributed to the Nepal government.

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Ncell Tops Telecom Taxes FY 077/78

The report shows Ncell as the highest contributor for FY 077/78. The private telco paid a total of 26 Arabs, 98 crores, and 72 lakhs.

Breaking it down, the company paid 4 billion, 69 crores for service charge, 5 Arabs, 51 crores for VAT, and 2 Arab, and 21 crores in royalties. Meanwhile, it paid 12 Arabs, 96 crores under other charges.

Ncell paid another 1 Arab and 59 crores for frequency charges to the NTA totalling a mammoth Rs.27 Arab for FY 077/78.

The state-owned Nepal Telecom (NTC) stood second with a total of 12 Arab, 58 crores, and 60 lakhs in contribution in revenues for the government for FY 077/78.

TelcosService chargesVATRoyaltiesFrequencyOther taxes/chargesTotal (est.)
Ncell4 Arab,  69 crores5 Arab, 51 crores2 Arab, 21 crores1 Arab, 59 crores12 Arabs, 96 croresRs.27 Arab
NTC3 Arab, 74 crores3 Arab, 1 crore59 lakh, 13 thousand1 Arab, 71 crore4 Arab, 10 croresRs.12.59 Arab
Telcos and their tax contribution for FY 077/78

NTC paid 3 Arab, 74 crores for service charge, another 3 Arab, 1 crore for VAT, and 4 Arab and 10 crores under other charges. Meanwhile, the company paid 59 lakh 13 thousand in royalties.

The company contributed another 1 Arab, and 71 crores for frequency.

Comparing the two profitable telcos, there is a massive gulf between their telecom tax contribution this term. NTC’s total tax payment lagged far behind that of Ncell; by 14 Arab, and 44 crores to be exact.

WorldLink came third in the list for revenues contribution while staying atop among the competing ISPs. The Kathmandu-based private ISP paid a total of 2 Arab and 68 crores under various charges.

WorldLink paid 53 crores in service charge, 21 Arab for VAT, and 82 crores and 42 lakhs under other taxes and charges. In royalties, the leading ISP paid a hefty 11 crores and 72 lakhs.

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Subisu trials Worldlink at fourth. It paid a total sum of 87 crores, and 54 lakhs for FY 077/78. As per the report, it paid 12 crores and 98 lakhs under service charges, 54 crores and 13 lakh for VAT, and 70 lakhs in royalties contribution.

The ISP paid  14 crores, 71 lakhs under other taxes and charges.

ISPsService chargesVATRoyaltiesOther taxes/chargesTotal (est.)
WorldLink53 crores1 Arab, 21 crores,11 crores, 72 lakhs82 crores, 42 lakhs2 Arab, 68 crores
Subisu12 crores, 98 lakhs54 crores, 13 lakhs5 crores, 70 lakhs14 crores, 71 lakhs87 crores, 54 lakhs
Vianet25 crores, 43 lakhs6 crores, 71 lakhs3 crores, 20 lakhs10 crores, 70 lakhs46 crores
ISPs and their tax contribution for FY 077/78

Vianet Communications has followed right behind Vianet with a revenue payment of 46 crores. The private ISP paid 25 crores, and 43 lakhs for service charge, 6 crores, and 71 lakhs for VAT, and 3 crores 20 lakhs in royalties.

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The ever-growing company paid 10 crores and 70 lakhs for other taxes and charges for FY 077/78.

The Other ISPs

In NTA’s telecom taxes list, Techminds Network Pvt. Ltd. stands sixth. The ISP paid 17 crores and 43 lakhs in total for FY 077/78. The company paid 4 crores, and 42 lakhs for service charges, 9 crores, and 95 lakhs for VAT. Under other charges and taxes, it paid a total of 50 lakhs.

For royalties, the ISP was able to contribute a total of 2 crores and 55 lakhs.

Classitech follows at the bottom of the list. The ISP paid a total of 14 crores, and 23 lakhs for the FY 077/78.

The ISP paid 4 crores, and 79 lakhs for service charges and 6 crores, and 34 lakhs in VAT. The company paid 3 crores and 9 lakhs under other taxes and charges.

ISPsService chargesVATRoyaltiesOther taxes/chargesTotal (est.)
Techminds4 crores, 42 lakhs9 crores, 95 lakhs2 crores, 55 lakhs50 Lakhs17 crores, 43 lakhs
Classitech4 crores, 79 lakhs6 crores, 34 lakhs NA3 crores, 9 lakhs14 crores, 23 lakhs
CG Net2 lakhs, 91 thousandNANA26 lakhs, 43 thousand29 lakhs, 35 thousand
ISPs and their tax contribution for FY 077/78

CG Net which debuted this year with the trend-setting 120 Mbps FTTH plan has also made its first contribution as an ISP.

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The fresh venture paid a total of 29 lakhs and 35 thousand in total revenues for the FY 077/78. This included 2 lakhs, and 91 thousand in service charges, and 26 lakhs and 43 thousand under other taxes and charges.

Has NTA’s list for telecom taxes stood up to your expectations or given you a puzzle? Do let us know in the comments below.

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