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NTA to Study Radiation Effect from Cell Towers

NTA is going to study the electromagnetic radiation (EMR) effect of cell towers on human beings and their occupation. For this, the telecom regulator NTA has selected 6 consultants to carry through the assessment of radio waves on human health.

The regulator had sought applications for the study back in January. Among the applications, it has selected 6 firms for the task.

The study would be carried out in two packages. The first package comprises the study in Province no.1 and Madhesh Province. Meanwhile, the next package consists of radiation assessment in Karnali and Sudurpashchim Province.

In the table below, you can find the firms NTA has selected that will now be responsible to assess EMR effects on human health.

SL No.Consultant NameAddress
1Tangent Consultant Group & Suppliers Pvt.LtdDhapakhel, Lalitpur
2Mahakali Mechi Technologies & Suppliers Pvt. LtdSanepa, Lalitpur
3INCLUSIVE-EVEREST-JVSitapaila, Kathmandu
4ETC-TCN JVNhyokha Tole 572, Kathmandu
5Intelco Dishna J/VBalkumari, Lalitpur, Nepal
6Jaljala Builders & Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.Jawagal, Lalitpur
Source: NTA

The companies will now submit their economic and technical proposals to the regulator.

The topic of radiation effect from towers are not new

Let’s start with the ominous fact that the radiation thing is real. The EMR is everywhere around us. We have routers, laptops, mobile phones, and all those gadgets which work wirelessly and emit a varying amount of radiation. It’s safe to say that we are exposed to radiation everywhere round the clock. However, the manufacturers of such gadgets claim the device release a nominal amount of radiation and hence no harm to health. But many agree to disagree.

In fact, one of the concerns around us is from cell towers. The belief is widespread that cell towers emit large amounts of radiation which pose a fatal threat to us. Due to this, many house owners don’t allow operators to erect cell towers on their property. This has likewise, directly affected operators as they find it derails their service expansion and upgrades. Moreover, the imminent arrival of 5G at the expense of NTC has alarmed many environmentalists about its threats from high-frequency as around the world.

This is why NTA had also included the radiation study plan in its FY 078/79 approved budget and program. Now, the telecom regulator has selected firms to study the radiation effect from cell towers in two packages.

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NTA’s Study of Radiation Effect in Two Packages

The regulator has divided this study into two packages. At first, the study will include the investigations of cell towers in Province 1 and Madhesh Province. There. the companies will study at least 600 cell towers across the two provinces.

Meanwhile, the second package will include the base station study in Karnali Province and Far-Western Province. In total, the companies will study around 400 mobile towers for the radiation from them.

Radiation Study projects Areas of StudyNumber of Cell Towers
The First PackageProvince 1 & Madhesh Province600
The Second PackageKarnali & Far-Western Province400

The purpose of the study is to analyze the possible effects of radiation from cell towers on human health. If the study finds negative results, it will nullify public concerns that will assure them of their safety from the base stations and also raise awareness. Moreover, the study will give relief to the operators as they seek to expand their service coverage and upgrades around the country.

NTA’s EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation) Measurement Criteria

NIn the meantime, NTA has set a range of criteria in its scope of the study for consulting firms. Below are some key requirements the consulting firm has to fulfill in its study of EMR effects from cell towers.

  • The consulting firm shall obtain prior approval from the NTA management in case of the variation of the number of sites in the study in urban, suburban, and rural areas from the ones mentioned above.
  • NTA also says the EMR measurement shall revolve in the vicinity of schools, and hospitals to confirm their safety for the locals.
  • Besides, the consultant shall measure the EMR around cell towers originating from different frequency bands. These include 900/1800/2100/2300/2500 MHz for different cellular telecom technologies.  
  • Additionally, the data in different locations must be measured in relation to the standards NTA has set. The consultant must also confirm if the cell tower has adhered to the recommended specifications.
  • NTA says the firms shall also “recommend the further action to be taken by NTA to enforce the bylaw provisions relating to the protection of General public and occupations caused from the radio frequency in the mobile towers.”
  • Likewise, the regulator also mandates that the company shall measure the electromagnetic radiation using standard tools to derive accurate data.

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Is the radiation effect from cell towers a cause of concern to you? Do share in the comments below.

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