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Nepal Mobile Distributors Association Urges Swift MDMS Implementation in Nepal

The Nepal Mobile Distributors Association (NMDA) is calling for the immediate implementation of MDMS to address the illegal mobile phone trade. This trade deprives the government of revenue and puts consumers at risk with the sale of refurbished and stolen phones. The association held a press meeting to address the situation. So, here find out more details about the event.

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What is MDMS?

The Mobile Device Management System, or MDMS, is a technology that tracks and regulates the data of incoming mobile phones in the country. It aims to prevent illegal or unauthorized phones and promote a safer mobile market by only allowing legitimate, approved devices. By implementing MDMS, only legitimate and approved mobile phones can be utilized, discouraging the sale of counterfeit, stolen, or refurbished devices and promoting a safer mobile market.

The Nepal Mobile Distributor Association held a Press Meet and Greet Event. Despite efforts to implement the Mobile Device Management System (MDMS) through cooperation with mobile operators, Nepal Telecommunication Authority, and related entities, its implementation has been postponed. The Prime Minister has cited rumors about potential issues with phones brought in by citizens from abroad, but the MDMS system itself is not the issue. Rather, it is the country’s tax system that needs to be addressed. The Nepal Mobile Distributors Association requests the government to quickly implement the MDMS. And to provide tax exemptions and free registration for Nepali citizens residing overseas. By doing so, the government can support legitimate mobile businesses and counteract illegal mobile phone trade, while also serving the best interests of Nepali citizens.

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NTA Assistant Director’s Statement

Achyuta Nand Mishra, Assistant Director of Nepal Telecommunication Authority stated that” The problem with imported phones is not due to individuals, but rather with management. Only a small portion (42,000 out of 46.5 lakhs) of the imported phones were brought in by individuals, with the majority (15.5 lakhs) coming from authorized channels and 31 lakhs from the gray market. The NTA will begin operations once proper preparations have been made and a new KYC Update System will be introduced. This system will prevent a mobile phone from functioning if the IMEI number and the SIM card are registered under different names.”

SSP’s Statement

Speaking in the press meeting Rajendra Khadka, Senior Superintendent Of Police said, the department is dedicated to preventing illegal activities at the border and increasing the country’s revenue. In line with this goal, any illegal products including electronic devices, clothing, and other merchandise are promptly confiscated and surrendered to the Customs Department.

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The MDMS is crucial in maintaining data and controlling incoming phone calls within Nepal. It does not pose a risk to phones brought in by Nepali citizens who have traveled abroad. The association believes that if the government permits these phones to be registered for free in the MDMS, the problem of illegal trade can be solved. Postponing the implementation of the MDMS system only benefits illegal mobile traders and puts legitimate mobile businesses at a disadvantage. Businesses that follow the law and pay taxes to the government will be negatively impacted, while the state will continue to lose revenue.

The Nepal Mobile Distributors Association is imploring the government to swiftly implement the MDMS and create a fair environment for the mobile industry in Nepal. By doing so, the association believes that the government can better serve the needs of Nepali citizens abroad, stamp out illegal mobile trade, and promote a thriving mobile business community in Nepal.

At an event, the president of the association, Dinesh Chulyadyo, spoke and stated that they are not protesting, but rather making a request that the MDMS system be implemented promptly.

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