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12 Things to Consider While Using a SIM Card

We take SIM cards for granted. We buy one, insert and start using it barely we consider its proper care & use. Part of a reason maybe is that it’s easy to buy and throw off. However, it can incur several issues.

Many a time, we hear SIM owners complain about losing their main balance, service restrictions, or even physical harm to it. These occur due to their negligence with their SIM cards. today in this post, we will be listing key tips to help you be more careful with your SIM card.

Most of the phones in Nepal are by default GSM-based. They require a separate physical SIM card to establish mobile communications. Phone owners need to buy a SIM card to start communications services and it is not difficult either.

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Getting a New SIM Is Easy

Buying a SIM card easy rather easy in Nepal. There were times, people stood in queues overnight just to get an NTC SIM card. With competitiveness and care for the public convenience, telcos have made buying a SIM card an easy affair.

SIM card
SIM card

We can buy a new SIM card at telcos centers, mobile stores, or other authorized vendors. Customers can visit an authorized store with the document (citizenship), and a PP-sized photo. After filling up a form, a new SIM card is issued for a small amount. NTA is also planning to allow SIM purchase with out carrying documents.

But obtaining a SIM card has an inverse relationship with its care by its owners. Smartphone users seem less concerned about how to be careful with their SIM cards. This has led them into problems with services or with the telcos too.

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Tips For Using a SIM Card

Being negligent while buying or using a SIM could land people in undesirable circumstances. This is why we have compiled a list of 12 things to consider while buying or using a SIM card in Nepal. For better, we have also added some tips that could help you stay the same from scams, and data and grouped them into 2 categories. Kindly check them below.

When you Buy:

  1. After purchasing a new SIM, you cannot make calls or use data right away. It requires an activation. Your vendor will let you know about the process for its activation. Thankfully, it only takes a few minutes.
  2. Learn about the type of SIM your phone supports in terms of physical size. All the telcos produce their SIM to support nano, micro, and regular size. However, a mobile phone may not have such a luxury. Make sure, that when inserting your SIM card into your mobile phone, it comfortably sits there and receives the signal.
  3. Buy a SIM card under your own name. If it is registered in another’s name, rename it under yours. To do so, you only need to visit your respective telco branch with the required docs to support your authenticity. Not having a SIM under your own name leaves you out of services such as the Nagarik app, or others or even lands you in legal issues. Thankfully, the SIM owner’s name change is easy and won’t consume your time if you are genuinely using it for a long time.
  4. Remember that your SIM’s services have a validity period on them. Once it gets past it, the telco will strip away all the mobile services off your SIM. This includes all services such as calling, data, and SMS. Worst, even if you have a balance, but you are past the validity period, you may lose your main balance. So, we suggest you regularly keep a check on your SIM card’s validity and recharge its main balance. Different telcos have different schemes for balance recharge and SIM validity extension.

When you start using:

  1. If your phone is lost with a SIM in it, make it your first priority to block the SIM to ensure protection from unwanted scenarios. You can also visit your service provider’s office to do it. Check out: What to do when u lose your phone?
  2. Always keep a backup of your contacts. You can store all your contacts in a some format in local storage or upload them to Gmail or other cloud storage services such as Google Drive. Similarly, you can use a third-party app to keep your contacts over the cloud so that you could restore them when needed.
  3. Your old SIM card might not support newer mobile services such as 4G or VoLTE. To sort this out, visit your telco office and get it exchanged. This will make it compatible with all the services available on your mobile network. Plus point is, a new physical SIM card will be more encrypted.
  4. Be careful with the use of it. Avoid pulling it out often and aggressively. This might cause a scratch on the magnetic strip and compromise its longevity. Do read: How does SIM card gets damaged and what to do for replacement?
  5. At times we hear about fake or scam calls appearing in certain colors. Scammers or hackers might be behind such sinister plots. Be careful not to receive them or fall prey to their fraudulent schemes.
  6. It is recommended that you do not share your SIM card or phone number among your peers, siblings, or others. Doing so will expose your contacts within others’ reach and that may cause concern for others.
  7. Be conscious enough while receiving calls from unknown or suspicious numbers. Immediately inform your telco or law enforcement in the case of bullying, scams, or threat occur.
  8. Telcos can recycle unused phone numbers for other customers. If you have long stopped using a SIM card, inform your telco. Chances are you have used that number for social media or bank accounts. It is likely that you are missing out on vital notifications or fall prey to hack or unauthorized access. So, make it a priority to unlink your number with those accounts and update them with a new number. To learn what to do to update your mobile number in bank/social media accounts, click here.

The 12 tips we have listed above are general as well as specifics. We hope that they will be your helpful guidelines to lengthen your SIM card’s lifespan and protect you through unwanted spam calls and threats.

Have you faced anything relating to your SIM card’s physical condition or suspicious calls? Do share with us in the comments. You are also free to suggest to us other tips that could be vital for every phone user.

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