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Expectations with 4G in Nepal; Speed, Price and More

It has been more than 3 months that Nepal had got a 4G network here. Nepal Telecom made the soft launch of the 4G network for Postpaid users in Kathmandu and Pokhara city on Jan 1st and later made available to Prepaid subscribers. Recently Ncell has also got the 4G license through technology neutrality. This means these two operators will vie for a bigger market share of 4G in Nepal. The competition will lead to better services at affordable rates. Here in this post, we have compiled the things for people expectation with 4G in Nepal. If you have some more, you can add up in the comment section below.

Data Speed

Nowadays, people are more concerned about internet speed. They don’t like the buffering during richer content streaming. Speeds in Mbps are a usual thing now. So people want higher speed availability all the time. Some even get time to check the speed from speed testing applications. When there is a competition in 4G, people obviously prefer the one with higher speed. Now Ntc has got 34 Mbps max download speed and 10 Mbps upload speed. We can expect a similar speed range with Ncell.

Ncell found to have the fastest internet speed in Nepal: NTA

Packages / Price

Regarding the affordability of the 4G in Nepal, people are demanding more range of packages to suit their palette. Although people prefer unlimited internet packs, it seems the price of the unlimited pack will be higher for such high speed. Apart from the price, the true unlimited pack is difficult to realize. When it comes to 4G usage, obviously the package will be of higher volume. But it should consider the paying capability of the users. So, the price of the package is equally important factor for the 4G usage. The 4G data package of Ntc is also known to be getting popular among 4G users.

Availability/ Coverage.

People prefer the 4G network to be available at all the places they roam. It may not be available everywhere in the preliminary stage. But later people will definitely choose the one with better coverage and availability. Some people are also wary of the signal level in their device. Right now, Ntc has already got 4G network in Kathmandu, Pokhara whereas Ncell is known to bring 4G in three cities: Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Damauli.

Battery performance

People expect their device to hold power for more time with 4G usage.  Faster data rates will definitely consume more battery juice but people get irritated for charging their device in a short period, due to fast battery drainage. It seems battery performance is only related to the user devices. In terms of battery efficiency, it also depends on the level of the 4G signal received.

More Services with 4G in Nepal

People want a different range of services with 4G in Nepal. Some people say the 3G network is enough for them. So, people expect different services that are not available with 3G, 2G to be with 4G. People also expect high definition Voice call with 4G LTE. Which is only possible with VoLTE (which is not available now). Some of the more services could be television, Video, Audio content streaming, interactive games from either unlimited or cheap packages. For this, some applications like TV, Video Streaming, Audio Streaming are also needed to be provided. Other people but in very small numbers are also concerned with the machine to machine (M2M) Connectivity for vehicle tracking, Weather monitoring, Smart home and more.

People expect the availability of 4G network in their place. Ever since they hear of 4G in Nepal, they have been asking of 4G in their home place. It is quite skeptical that the operators will provide 4G network in the whole of Nepal earlier. The hesitance is due to lesser availability of 4G handsets in such areas, the extra cost involved in the equipment and also the paying capability of the users for 4G everywhere.  People also expect cheaper devices to be it handset or some dongle to use 4G. It will also take some time to reach more places, one for network expansion, two for the availability of more users with 4G handsets.

ALSO READ: Nepal Telecom makes a contract for 4G network all over the country.

If you have some more expectations with 4G in Nepal, please comment below.

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