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Ncell Brings new Voice Packs, rate as Low as 43 Paisa per Minute

Ncell, one of the biggest telecom service provider brings 4 new voice packs to its customers. Now Ncell users can enjoy calls at even cheaper rates. With the Ncell new voice pack, customers can call at a cheap rate as low as 43 paisa per minute.

New voice packs are available for customers from Tuesday and remain for 90 days. As per the need, there are daily, weekly and monthly packs available to the customers. Ncell has even added 3 days voice pack which is completely new. Voice packs are a good option for those who use voice calls frequently. Using voice packs are relatively cheaper as compared to the regular price for the call.

Ncell new voice Packs

Price (Inclusive Tax)



Price/Min (Incl Tax)


New Daily Pack

Rs. 15


Can be used to call any time of the day.

75 paisa

24 hours

New 3 Day Pack

Rs. 30


Can be used to call any time of the day.

60 paisa

3 days

New Weekly Pack

Rs. 70


Can be used to call any time of the day.

58 paisa

7 days

New Monthly Pack

Rs. 300


Can be used to call any time of the day.

43 paisa

30 days






Daily voice pack is available for 20 minutes with the price of 15 rupees including tax. 120 minutes and 50 minutes net talk time are available at 70 rupees and 30 rupees respectively in the weekly pack. Now the customer can enjoy 700 minutes talk time for only 300 rupees for a month in monthly pack.

 The validity of daily voice pack is 24 hours. Similarly, one week for the weekly pack, 3 days for 3-day pack one month for monthly voice pack. Already available voice pack will be continued.

“As per our commitment to bring cheaper and reliable services to customers, we are very excited and happy to bring 4 new data pack,” says Ncell’s corporate service director Pranaya Acharya.

Ncell existing voice packs

Previously, Ncell provided voice packs for daily, weekly, monthly, daily night and day daily packs. Ncell existing voice packs are as follows:

Ncell existing voice packsPrice (Incl. tax)Voice minutesUsageRate (per minute call)Validity
Daily PackRs. 1111Can be used to call anytime of the day.Re. 124 hours
Weekly PackRs. 6070Can be used to call anytime of the day.86 paisa7 days
Monthly PackRs. 200400Can be used to call anytime of the day.50 paisa30 days
Daily Night PackRs. 8.78120Can be used to call from 10pm – 6am.7paisa24 hours
Daily Day PackRs. 830Can be used to call from 5am – 5pm27paisa24 hours


How to take Ncell new voice pack ?

Customers can buy these packs using USSD, IVR, SMS and can even buy using Ncell app.

  • Ncell Customers need to dial *17118# and choose the new voice packs accordingly.

Ncell customers can also activate these packs using IVR service by dialing 17118 and choose the packs as per the instruction provided. SMS service is also available for the customers, where customers need to type the pack they want buy and send SMS to 17118. Users need to type 15 for the one-day pack, 30 for 3-day pack and 70 for the weekly pack and send SMS to 17118. Similarly, customers need to send 300 for the monthly pack. Remaining validity and talk time can be known by dialing *100#. 

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