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Ncell brings “Sahi” data packs

Ncell new offer with 1 hour of free video streaming

Ncell, the private telco has brought “fuel your fun offer” with Sahi data packs. Ncell sahi data packs includes affordable all time data packs. The Ncell new offer also includes free streaming with the affordable Sahi data packs. The cost Per MB with Ncell sahi data packs is as low as 5 paisa.

Ncell new offer of Sahi data packs will allow customers to get 10 times more data volume. It will also provide additional free streaming of 1 hour with the Sahi packs. Ncell believes that the free video streaming bonus will add value to the customers.

Ncell Sahi data packs comes into effect from Chaitra 29 (April 12), Thursday. There are data packs ranging from 0.5 GB to 15 GB for different days: 1 day to 30 days. The data packs are valid for 24 hours. The cost for those Ncell sahi data packs ranges from Rs 39 to Rs 799.

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Ncell Sahi data packs

Here are the several Ncell Sahi data packs.

S.NNcell sahi data packsVolumePrice (Rs)ValidityPer MB cost
1Rs 390.5 GB391 day0.08
2Rs 991.5 GB993 days0.07
3Rs 1993.5 GB1997 days0.06
4Rs 79915 GB79930 days0.05

The price also includes all the applicable taxes. If a customer buys more high worth data packs, then the per MB cost will go down drastically. Here in the Rs 799 sahi pack, the cost per MB is 5 paisa. In this Ncell new offer, there is an additional bonus of free video streaming for 1 hour. The free video streaming is available with YouTube Go apps, that Ncell introduces in Nepal. The free video streaming bonus is valid for iFlix, YouTube and all Ncell video platforms like NetTV, Vuclip, Lifestyle portal, Fun portal, Sports Portal. The same streaming bonus can also be used for Google play store and Google map navigation.

How to activate Ncell Sahi data packs?

To activate Ncell Sahi data packs, customers need to

  • dial *17123# and select 6
  • Or by using Ncell apps
  • Or by sending the price of the Ncell Sahi data packs as a message to 17123. Like for Rs 39 pack, send a message 39 to 17123.

After the consumption of the above data packs, pay per go tariff for the data usage will be Rs 1.13 per MB (including taxes). The Ncell Sahi data packs is valid for all Ncell networks of 2G, 3G and 4G. The offers is valid for 90 days from the start.

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