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Half of the population consume less than 1 GB mobile data per month in Nepal

This is the second part of the survey result. Regarding the mobile data consumption per month, we come to find that 49 percent people just consume less than 1 GB data per month. Among the other 51 percent, 26.1 % spend 1 GB to 5 GB data, and around 15.6 % spend more than 10 GB data per month. The data consumption volume shows that there are still some people who prefer small data packs around that volume per month. This is also a sign that 3G, 4G may not be available either due to the mobile network or possibly due to their handset being only 2G capable.

Lets relate this with the first survey result of the people pay for data for month where 37 percent spend less than Rs 200 in data. That shows people are paying more than Rs 200 in a month even if they use less than 1 GB data. This could be due to buying multiple small data packs. People can save some bucks if they buy 1 GB data pack straight.

We can also relate the data consumption per month with people’s expectation for mobile data speed. Half of People now spend less than 1 GB per month but majority of people (around 88 %) expect speed greater than 1 Mbps. Using 1 Mbps speed, you would not consume just 33 MB data per day ( 1000 MB/ 30 days = 33.33 MB per day). There are also around 30 % people who prefer mobile data speed above 10 Mbps, which is only possible though 4G. Here we see people expect high speed but now they use small data volume with less money. This is also due to people’s low purchasing capacity.

Also read: 45 percent feel mobile data is expensive in Nepal.

Data service for Home internet

Another interesting finding for the home internet is that 40.5 percent people use mobile internet (like 2G, 3G, 4G) in their home too. That means home internet services are still out of reach to many people out there. Among the internet users, Fiber internet (aka FTTH) also seems popular especially in city areas with 33.7 % usage. ADSL also has a good market share of the home internet, which is 19.1 %.

Unlimited FUP internet.

We can also relate the usage of mobile data for home internet to the popularity of unlimited FUP internet. Here we found that 44.4 % prefer such unlimited FUP internet. During the survey, we also provided a link so as to tell people about the unlimited FUP internet. Please find information about the unlimited FUP here. Others like around 30 percent people will prefer unlimited FUP, if the fall back speed is 1 Mbps.

Cellular technology for mobile internet.

Regarding which technology people use for mobile internet, majority of the people now use 3G technology, which is around 54.5 percent. The survey also shows 38.7 percent people use 4G for mobile internet. There are very few people for 2G and with no mobile data internet. It seems the majority of the people come from city areas. As we perform the survey from sharing in Facebook, it is quite obvious to have 3G and 4G. Read more for 2G, 3G and 4G explained in simple terms.

For the question of preference for mobile data packs, most people around 72.6 % use data packs instead of surfing on the go like pay per MB. It seems still some people are unaware of the fact that buying data packs will provide affordable mobile data internet. Read more about data packs and its importance.

We also asked a different question: ” which operator do you think has got the best data packs option available for your mobile internet?”. Result went in favor of Nepal Telecom (Ntc) where 47.8 percent voted. 39.2 percent people voted for Ncell to have the best data packs available. And 13 percent prefer Smart cell for best data packs option.

Please comment for the findings of our survey. All the pics and results are copyrighted, please use it with prior consent or appropriate source or link back.

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