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Ntc starts distributing FTTH fiber internet

Nepal Telecom (NTC) has started distributing FTTH fiber internet in Kathmandu. As per their plan to distribute the high-speed fiber internet in all major cities, Ntc makes the service available in Kirtipur in the first phase. The Fiber to the Home FTTH service has started from Jestha 27 in all parts of Kirtipur. Now, Ntc FTTH service is available in 25 districts of the country.

Ntc will further distribute the FTTH fiber internet in more areas of Saibu, Thimi, Gothatar, Sundhara, Naxal, Gongabu exchanges. To make the Fiber internet available on large scale, they need to expedite the required infrastructure development. Currently, they are installing required equipment like optical fiber cabinets in such different parts of Kathmandu, for FTTH network.

FTTH is a next-generation access technology to provide high speed, reliable and quality internet service to your fixed locations (home or office) through the use of optical fiber. Acronym for Fiber to the Home, FTTH connects customer premises with optical fiber instead of coaxial cable or traditional telephone lines. Customers can get high-speed broadband internet service ranging from 1 Mbps to 100 Mbps, along with IP based voice and multimedia (IPTV video) services.

Ntc plans to expand their FTTH fiber network to more parts of Kathmandu and other cities gradually. They also plan to provide triple play services Voice, High-speed internet, and Video with Fiber internet. FTTH has a good quality of the internet service and voice due to the IP technology used. They will further add IPTV service for high-quality Television with the same fiber to the home (FTTH).

Ntc affordable FTTH packs

NTC recently has launched several affordable unlimited FTTH packs for individual home and corporate users. The basic pack of 8 Mbps for an individual user will cost Rs 800 for a month. They also specify that the FUP (Fair usage policy or plan) applies for the unlimited FTTH pack.

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