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How to buy and sell share online in Nepal?

Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse) launched online share trading in Nepal back in 2075. Minister for Finance Dr. Yubaraj Khatiwoda inaugurated online share transaction system that time. Even after the launch, the online share buy and sell took a lot of time to be feature full & stable. Find the process to buy/sell share online trading through Nepse portal in Nepal.

It is believed that the introduction of online share trading will lift our share market to international level. On the occasion of 25 years of establishment of the Stock exchange, full online share buy/sell in Nepal.

Surge in Online share buying/selling

The online share trading in secondary market has recently increased its number and popularity among the investors. As per latest 2020 data, the percentage of online share transaction has become one third of the total transaction in a week (source: Nepalipaisa). It is also due to the proliferation of smartphones and the expansion of 4G connectivity throughout the country.


Share trade online

NEPSE believed that the online share trading will be a stepping stone for the stock market. Full automated online transaction eliminates unnecessary movement of people to the broker’s place. Apart from the easy transaction, it will also remove the blame for the brokers for low prices and delay of selling shares.

There are around 21 thousand investors who do share trading through Nepse online portal. Although the number is quite low (out of 14 lakhs investors), they make big sum of transaction through online means.

Online share trading sytem

NEPSE started to launch the online system for the trading. Due to several issues, the launch has been delayed.  But they have now full fledged system in place after rigorous testing of the online share transaction.

For the normal people to do the online share transaction, the brokers will provide the username and password to enter inside the system. The investors need to update their KYC details in the brokers for the access to the online system. Once we get the username and password, we can do all the share transaction including money transfer itself.

online share

At first phase, they only allowed the Share brokers to do the online transaction for which they required account in the system. But now even the end users can buy and sell shares (secondary market) from online, without calling brokers.

How to buy/sell shares online?

Here are the steps to follow to enable buying/selling shares online.

  • To buy or sell shares from primary or secondary market, you need to have a Demat account. You might have already done Demat of your shares which you want to sell at appropriate time. We also recommend to use Mero Share along with C-ASBA to manage share list properly.
  • Then you should go to the nearest or close security services where you might have already done offline trading before. You also need to make an account for which you need to update KYC details.
  • You need to reset your password for which click the Forget password link and enter your username and email address. Then you will get a reset link in your email. Please take into consideration that the password should be of length 7-14 with at least 1 caps, 1 digit and 1 special character. This helps to secure your password. Do save your password safely somewhere in your mobile or in your computer browser.
  • After the activation of the online account, you need to browse the trading URL of the broker (provided after KYC update) and enter the username, password, captcha code to login. The brokers also have their the online share trade login URL in their website.

We recommend you to check if the SIM card is registered on your name?

Nepse online share trading

  • You can find Nepse indexes (which can also be customized) and DNA logged in (which means if you can transact or not). If the DNA logged in is not there, you need to contact the respective broker from where you made the account.
  • The pre-open sessions starts from 10:30 to 10:45 am and continuous session starts from 11am to 3 pm.  You can preview the shares market in the pre-open session. You can go to order management in the left side during the continuous session period. You also need to click normal order and toggle buy or sell in the new tab.
  • You can manage the fund in the online share trading portal by loading money from your bank using online banking with the specific reason.
  • The detail of the shares you can sell can also be viewed from DP holding.
  • You can also view market data inside the system along with top gainers, top looser, daily order list and historical order list.

Mobile app

NEPSE has also planned to integrate Trading management System (TMS) in their mobile app. Now the current NEPSE app provides the live share market indexes, price, top gainers/losers as shown in their website. As they have started to prepare a tender for the mobile app, we can expect the new NEPSE mobile app to launch in 6 months.

With the introduction of online share trading in Nepal, investors can themselves buy or sell the shares through the Nepse online system using the internet in either Mobile, Laptop or Computer. You can place an order for the specific no of shares to buy or sell. After placing the order, if the order matches, the transaction becomes successful otherwise it will cancel at the end of the day.

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Tell us what do you think of the NEPSE online share trading system, comment your views on it below.

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