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Nepse launches full online share trading system in Nepal

Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse) has launched full online share trading in Nepal. Minister for Finance Dr. Yubaraj Khatiwoda inaugurated online share transaction system today on Kartik 20, 2075, in an event in the capital.

It is believed that the introduction of online share trading will lift our share market to international level. After 25 years of establishment of the Stock exchange, full online share buy/sell arrives in Nepal.

NEPSE CEO Chandra Singh Saud says, ” The online share trading will be a stepping stone for the stock market”. Full automated online transaction eliminates unnecessary movement of people to the broker’s place. Apart from the easy transaction, it will also remove the blame for the brokers for low prices and delay of selling shares.

As we stated in the previous post, they were to launch the online system from Shravan. Due to several issues, the launch has been delayed. They have been performing the tests of the online share transaction from a long time.

Only for brokers for now!!

Right now, only brokers can use the system to do the online transaction. It will take some time for the end customers to start the online share buy/sell by themselves. Although the process has been full online, customers still have to ask the brokers which will do the transaction online.

For the normal people to do the online share transaction, the brokers will provide the username and password to enter inside the system. The investors need to update their KYC details in the brokers for the access to the online system. Once we get the username and password, we can do all the share transaction including money transfer itself.

With the introduction of online share trading in Nepal, investors can themselves buy or sell the shares through the online system using the internet in either Mobile, Laptop or Computer. You can place an order for the specific no of shares to buy or sell. After placing the order, if the order matches, the transaction becomes successful otherwise it will cancel at the end of the day.


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