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Ncell brings back “Call ayo paisa ayo” offer

Ncell's scheme to provide bonus amount on receiving international calls.

Ncell brings back it’s popular scheme “call ayo paisa ayo” offer as a part of their customer loyalty program. With this scheme, Ncell customers will get a bonus amount on receiving calls from outside countries. With the reception of international calls more than 2 minutes, a customer gets a bonus amount @ Rs 2 per 1-minute call receipt. Those who get the bonus from international calls can also get a chance to win a brand new Samsung smartphone (for details Read below).

The “Call ayo paisa ayo” offer starts from Baishak 16, 2076 and remains valid for 3 months. After receiving more than 2 minutes of international calls until 10 minutes, Ncell adds a bonus amount of Rs 2 per minute. That means Ncell customer will get a bonus amount of up to Rs 18 through the offer.

Ncell customer can use the bonus amount within 7 days. The bonus amount can be used to make calls, send SMS within Ncell’s network and also use data service.

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How to activate the offer?

To activate the Call ayo paisa ayo offer, Ncell customer needs

  • To dial 17126 and activate for free.
  • or send a message A to 17126.

Chance to win a Smartphone

Plus among those who get calls from abroad and have the bonus amount, they are eligible for a chance to win Samsung Galaxy A20 smartphone. Each week, there are 10 winners who will win Samsung A20 each. Ncell will consider the bonus amount in a week, no of international call received, and average call duration to select the winner.

Ncell believes this offer will add value to the people who receive calls from their families, relatives, and friends abroad. They express their delight in helping their customers for additional communication with families and friends through Ncell mobile network.

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