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Nepal Telecom puts CoronaVirus awareness message in ring tones

Nepal Telecom has started to provide awareness message of coronavirus disease (Covid19) through the calling ring back tones. Ntc has initiated this move from the afternoon of Chaitra 6, 2076 (March 19, 2020).

As the Covid19 pandemic is troubling the whole world, Nepal is doing its best to take precaution measures. The government also announced to postpone all the exams and shutdown of all entertainments like cinema halls, clubs. They have asked people not to go out of their homes with the country under lockdown. All has been done to stop the spread of the Corona Virus.

So, when you make a call to any Ntc number, you will get a message with the symptoms of the infection and the precaution measures to be safe. With the message, Ntc requests people to wash their hands with soap and water regularly or sanitizer. They also ask not to go to crowded areas and cover your sneezing, coughing. The message has the voice of a TV presenter at Nepal Television: Anita Bindu.

Now Nepal Telecom has added another voice message in the ringtone which urges people to stay at home and call 1115 (government official call center) if there’s any issue. The second message has the voice of Sibani Thapa. NTC has now randomized both the voice messages in its ringtone.

The ringback tone will play unless the called number will pick up or the timeout to pick a call. Earlier the subscriber needs to buy ring back tone from their balance but now Ntc provides this message for free to the whole numbers in their network.

Information center

Nepal Telecom has also started to put coronavirus message in its Information center called “NT Suchana ko Sansar“. Just like the CRBT message, they will provide similar information regarding the symptoms, safety measures with the Covid19 for free.

To access such information, you need to make a call to 32100 from your Ntc number. As it is a call-in system, all the information will be provided through a voice message which is called IVR in technical terms.

Nepal Telecom became the first telco to provide such an alert to people with the CRBT. Now Ncell has also kept the awareness PRBT while providing a bundle of offers for lockdown.

Similarly, you can also get the other official hotline numbers of government. Further, there is other information in the call line like Agriculture, health, News, Weather, Natural Disaster. This is beneficial to people who want to listen to such information in the Nepali language.

The literate ones or the younger generation can always use the data service to get such information. But they need to be careful to follow official messages and information to avoid any wrongdoing or sharing wrong information in the case of the lethal Virus.

Facilitate people

NTC has also extended the time of the internet services considering the fact that it will be difficult to recharge their account during the lockdown. Three are more facilities for customers which you can read NTC lockdown offer.

Tell us what do you think of Nepal Telecom’s initiation to serve the public well in this situation, in the comments below.

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