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Ntc launches large data pack at 5 paisa per MB

If you are one of those who prefer a high volume data pack, then you might be interested in Nepal Telecom (NTC) large data packs Ntc not only provides big volume data offer but also makes it available for a longer duration. The large data packs will also cost you less than the other volume data packs. The cost of the large data pack comes as low as 5 paisa per MB. Find the details of the large GB internet pack in Ntc below.

For now, there are two such large volume data packs which are 30 GB pack and 60 GB pack. The cost of the 30 GB data pack is Rs 1600 and is valid for 60 days. Whereas the 60 GB pack costs you Rs 3000 and you can use the big volume for 120 days. Do make sure you have enough balance or credit while you take the large data pack. If not, then recharge your phone to make it sufficient.

Is Longer duration better?

Is not the duration too high!!! Yes but as the volume is also higher, people ask for validity for a long time. These days due to the expansion of 4G, few GB volumes are consumed even in a very short period of time like watching a few video clips take up huge data. So, it depends on the choice if you prefer it or not.

Ntc large data pack

Affordable cost?

The above cost is inclusive of the applicable taxes. The data pack comes at the cheapest cost of 5 paisa per MB. Normally, we find that the higher the volume, the lesser will be the cost of the data per MB. So, this kind of package is beneficial to those who can afford a higher amount now and enjoy the large volume at affordable cost without worrying much about the usage.

Suits home or office internet?

This sort of data pack is also suitable for people who use the cellular internet at home using 3G or 4G, which can be shared among people at home or even office. They can either use the normal smartphone to share the data through a hotspot or USB tethering or use a WiFi dongle having the subscribed SIM inside. Read in detail: How to use mobile data in a Laptop or Computer?

Find the details of the large data offer below.

S.N Ntc large data pack Volume Price Cost per MB Keyword to send to 1415
1 30 GB Rs 1600 5.3 paisa Data30GB
2 60 GB Rs 3000 5 paisa Data60GB

How to buy the pack?

To buy the data pack, you need to either dial *1415# and select a large data pack in the Ntc winter offer. You can also dial *1415*7# and select one of the above packs. Similarly, by SMS, you can send a message with either Data30GB or Data60GB to 1415 for either of the pack. We recommend you check the latest update for all of the data package offers in Nepal Telecom.

The data pack is available for Ntc GSM/CDMA prepaid and postpaid users.

Tell us what do you think of the large data pack if it is suitable for you or not in the comment box below. You can also put your ideas on what changes can make such pack better.

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