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How Is The Internet helping Deal With The COVID-19 Pandemic In 2021?

The second wave of COVID-19 has got us locked up at our homes yet again, and this is so far the best precaution we can take as for now. We are aware of the uses of the internet in 2021 that is helping us to cope with the pandemic.

Most of our work has taken a virtual shape, and the internet plays a vital part in it. So how is the internet helping deal with the COVID-19 pandemic situation in 2021? Let’s check out.

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Though the circumstances demand us to maintain physical distance, we can reduce the emotional distance in the meantime. The internet helps us reach out to our loved ones and communicate with them. 

It enables us to share our thoughts, feelings, and ideas. The internet makes it easy to connect with people on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Viber, etc. The organizational work is also going forward on video conferencing/online meeting tools. The internet has given us a common platform to perform formal and informal communication.

Physical and Mental Fitness 

There are several platforms on the internet that guide us in maintaining physical and mental fitness. They are accessible for free on YouTube and various web portals.

You can practice some light exercises like stretching, breathing exercises to keep your body energized. You can even listen to spiritual podcasts for mental well-being. Watch motivational videos of spiritual gurus to gain knowledge about life.

Online Shopping 

The lockdown restrictions do not allow us to go outside and purchase goods. But we can buy essentials online. There are several online shopping platforms available on the internet that provide essentials to our doorsteps while adopting precautions.

Similarly, Online Food delivery platforms such as Foodmandu, Pathao deliver food to your doorstep. You can also contact online pharmacies such as 24 seven, ATM Pharmacy, Online Aushadhi to purchase medicines. They even provide a home delivery service. 

Emergency Helpline 

All of us are susceptive to coronavirus. So all of us should be prepared for what the future holds. You can contact some platforms to connect with doctors online for consultations. We should also be aware of emergency hotlines, nearby hospitals, doctors, medicines, beds, oxygen, etc.

MoHP, Nepal has put out some emergency helpline service for COVID19 on the internet. Even if you’ve contracted COVID-19, do not panic. Stay calm and use the emergency helpline services forwarded by MoHP to get help. You will receive instant attention and care.

There are several platforms where you can find necessary assistance in case of emergency. One such platform is Covid Connect Nepal. You can also find some Facebook groups that convey such assistance. 

Authentic Updates 

The internet is helping us get news from all over the world. It is the gateway to information and news that is prone to forgery. Some sources out there are spreading false information regarding COVID-19. 

We need to follow and believe only authentic sources for authentic news and updates. Don’t fall for fake news, and definitely don’t spread it by sharing on social media. We can use the internet to intake positivity and to widen our knowledge. 

Harness the skill  

You will perhaps have a lot of free time during lockdown so, what to do in your free time? You can probably make some good use of the internet and enhance your skill. 

If you intend to get a job after the lockdown, then you can probably prepare yourself for the job. You can learn new skills from the internet and gain new knowledge by reading ebooks. You can attend online courses and workshops. It will help sharpen your skills and increase your network. 

Online games 

This is the time when you can actually stay at home, worry about nothing, and play games just like in childhood days. Relive your childhood by playing online games. Invite your friends to play with you and spend an exciting time with them. Connecting with friends and having fun on the internet will help you spend your free time and reduce stress.

Create a virtual niche 

The internet can be a suitable place to earn during the lockdown. You can create a business and do online jobs to earn money. You can start by creating websites or Facebook pages or Instagram pages, or youtube channels. With the help of Digital marketing, SEO, SEM, Advertisement, Content Marketing, you can boost your work and gain customers on virtual platforms. You can either make an active income out of it or a passive income after the lockdown reopens. Find the 5 ways to earn money in your free time during lockdown.

Collect funds

If you are interested in helping provide funds to COVID-19 patients then, you can use the internet to collect funds. Organize charity shows, workshops, sell merchandise and contribute some amount to the victims of COVID-19. Simply share your digital wallet or payment service account or bank accounts in the internet and fundraiser groups to collect funds for several organizations or help the needy patients/family directly. You can actually save lives while staying at home. 

In this way, the internet can be useful during a pandemic. If you see, you don’t necessarily have to go outside. You can rather stay inside and put effort into stuff you are interested in. With access to the internet, things are way easier to do. You have access to immense resources at the tip of your finger. You just have to use it smartly. 

Tell us how you are using the internet during the lockdown in the comment section below. 

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