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How To Become Efficient By Using the Internet?

Have you ever thought of doing something better than just watching new movies or playing games on the internet? If yes, then you have come to the right place. 

The internet facilities are accessible almost anywhere, anytime and to anyone these days. People of all age groups surf the internet enormously. But have you ever wondered if the internet has been worth your time and investment? Have you realized that the internet if used efficiently, could add much more value to your normal lifestyle?

So, today, we are discussing the ways in which we can use our internet facilities more handily to be smarter.

Save time by shopping smartly

Have you ever had experiences of visiting from one shop to another in search of a particular thing that you wanted to purchase? Shopping always consumes time no matter where you decide to buy and what you decide to buy.

Online home delivery

One of the best uses of the internet is that you can shop online without having to go anywhere. By sitting at your home, you can visit various online platforms like Daraz, Hamrobazar, Sastodeal, etc, and find the items that you want to purchase. You can not only buy yourself new outfits but also redecorate your house by buying a new piece of furniture or any kind of accessories. Here are the top online shopping sites in Nepal.

Also, online shopping gives you a lot of advantages. Some of them are:

  • A wide variety of products are available to shop.
  • You can check both the quality and price of a product easily. Some online shops even let you know the customer reviews for each of their products. 
  • You can compare the different models and brands available for the same item.
  • You get notified easily if there are discounts and cut-offs available for certain items. So, it saves you money.
  • You can track the order placement and shipping time of your booked item.

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Learn new things online

The internet has many useful things in store for us. You just have to pick a hobby and start learning. There are innumerable free videos on the web for teaching us about various life skills. It does not matter where and what your interest lies in. The internet will help you with all its ways.

Online Learning
Online Learning

If you want to learn to play the guitar, you will find many online guitar lessons ready for you to join in. If you want to learn how to cook, again, there are videos to guide you throughout. Similarly, you can learn photography, editing, coding, knitting, pet training, gardening, photoshopping, sketching, programming, etc. You can also maintain a healthy lifestyle by doing the perfect workout, yoga, and meditation and taking meals according to the diet plan.

Also, if you are having trouble with your course-related studies, you can find yourself a virtual tutor. Many students have started learning through online classes recently. You can find all kinds of course-related studies online. Not only will it help you excel in your curriculum, but also it helps you broaden your knowledge on different topics. Like you can always learn a new course or a new language through the web. Here you can find the top ten productive use of the internet in the leisure time of quarantine.

Join share market and start earning money 

Online trading is a popular platform to earn money, nowadays. Many people have joined this marketing system to keep themselves updated about the latest news in the share market and the global economy. No doubt, people who engage in online trading are smarter and know how to handle their finances very well. You need to have a MeroShare account for the DEMAT of the Share and the apply for IPO.

Share trade online

It’s an excellent idea to start investing in the share market from an early age. You learn to keep a detailed account of how the market increases and decreases every day. Moreover, you can buy and sell your stocks when it’s the most favourable time for you. Many people have set-up big business companies by benefitting from the share market.

Additionally, not everyone has to hire a broker to stay connected to the stock market these days. It is as easy as shopping online. You just have to log into your account and monitor the increment and decrement in the prices of the stocks regularly staying in your home. You can also access research reports, price analysis of different stocks, and market news online. It is very simple, cheaper, and consumes minimum time. Here is how you can buy and sell your stocks online, with the help of the internet.

So, immediately find out the companies and banks offering stock exchange in Nepal and participate in online trading.

Find a new cool app

The app market has over 2.2 million apps available for download to its users. Also, now and then, the latest applications develop to facilitate people and make their life more convenient.

We are very familiar with popular apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc. These are the most used social networking sites all over the world. Besides these, some cool apps might be beneficial to you once you get to know its special features.

Mobile phone

Do you know that there are apps where you can read lots of free books online? It doesn’t occupy any space in your bookcase and costs no charges. Still, you get to enjoy any kind of book that is within your interest. Afraid to strain your eyes? There is an app called the Blue light Filter that decreases the amount of blue light displayed on the screen of your devices and prevent eye strain. Very helpful, right? Find the top ten popular mobile apps from Nepal.

Additionally, some apps make you smarter every day. You can book a taxi or bike from ride-sharing mobile apps like Tootle, Pathao. etc. You can get all kinds of news and information about the whole world just scrolling through an app. A huge incident happened in some parts of the world- You know all the details.

A big sale has started for groceries at some shopping center-You get a quick notification. There’s a steep rise in the stock market- You know the exact values and finances. Some mobile apps like the Notes app can synchronize your notes to any other devices, be it laptop or smart watches.

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The internet can enrich your lives in so many ways if you use it productively. It can help you stay healthy and organized. You can get closer to your friends and family. It assists you with studies and extracurriculars. In fact, the internet can become your virtual assistant if you decide to use it efficiently.

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