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Can NT Fiber Revive Landline Telephone Service?

Can NT Fiber revive the landline telephone service in Nepal to its former glory? The latest figures highlight their recent customers gain but can it make rise to the prominence again? Let’s delve into it.

Years ago, landline phones formed a key part of our daily communications. It was a de-facto option for the majority; a privilege, a luxury, and also a classic status marker. A home without a landline phone was incomplete. But with mobile phones becoming cheaper and affordable mobile data, landline phones lost their prominence. The ecosystem of mobile devices grew tremendously over the years. With a smartphone connected to the internet, people can access their favorite content anywhere outdoor. It has to do with convenience.

landline phone

The portability of handheld phones eroded our attachment with the fixed-line telephones.  We do not have to wait in line to take our turn and receive the call. Moreover, we can carry the phone anywhere we want, and exploit mobile services. The ease mobile phones have given us outweighs the benefits landline phone service offers. They are not even comparable. We have now almost discarded them as a formality rather than a vital communication tool. It’s so worse for fixed-line phones that people won’t use them eagerly though having one at home. But can these landline phones restore their prominence again?

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Signs of a Hope

Recent NTA data points to the rising use cases of landline phones in Nepal. But that is not due to its stand-alone feature. Rather, this owes to NTC’s unique Triple Play service that combines telephone, fiber broadband, and a digital TV solution. NTC’s cost-friendly FTTH service has helped grow the user base of its landline phones, once again.

NTC is the only company in Nepal that offers landline telephone service. The operator provides fixed-line telephone service via PSTN, WLL, and V-SAT, and now FTTH technologies.

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NTC Landline Phone Resurgence!

NTC’s landline phone service now comes along with the Triple Play package. And the telephone service under the FTTH package alone has reached a respectable 1 lakh, 63 thousand, 9 hundred, and 35 as per NTA. But the recent years have not been easy for fixed-line telephone service. In these years, NTC landline phones have fallen from their glory to become a subordinate, a feeder-product for the state operator.

Nepal Telecom Triple play service over fiber
NTC Triple Play service

NTC provides landline telephone service on PSTN, WLL, and V-SAT. These services in total had 8 lakh, 57 thousand, 1 hundred, and 69 subscribers in Kartik BS 2074. This tumbled down to 7 lakh, 40 thousand, 9 hundred, and 72 in Kartik BS 2077. To sum up, an uninspiring sign of the landline service falling out of favor by the customers lending to the overwhelming popularity of mobile phones.   

But the integration of its fixed telephone service with the fiber broadband package (NT Fiber/FTTH) has turned around its misfortunes.

NTA’s report shows that till Kartik 2078, NTC’s total landline phone service has now totaled 8 lakh, 17 thousand, 5 hundred, and 73 users. This total also includes the total number of landline users joining via NT Fiber.

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Can FTTH Revive Landline Phone back?

The recent bump in NTC’s fixed-line telephone customers is down to the operator’s FTTH service. Dubbed Triple Play, the service brings calls, internet, and a digital TV which have made it overwhelmingly popular.

A fiber-based landline phone service can also prove a boon for businesses. They can engage in a deluge of high-quality calls to promote their products and ideas. Similarly, SIP service with some software enables you to automate or efficiently make IVR-like calls to many.

As the calls are made over fiber, it also delivers a clear and more reliable telephony service. To encourage more, NTC allows migrating their existing phone service to fiber-based.

But again, the surge in NTC’s landline phones is down to its FTTH service at large. To really draw the users towards the landline, the operator should introduce cheaper call rates, and appealing Value Added Services with the IP telephony services. Bringing a new set of attractive features could revive or improve its glory back again.

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Do you think landline phones are ever coming to prominence again? What was the last time you dialed a number on a landline phone? Do share with us in the comments below.

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