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Ncell Kosheli service to send gift to your loved ones

Ncell, the private operator has a gift service in its Prepaid Mobile. Dubbed as Ncell Koseli, it allows subscribers to gift Ncell services and pack to their friends and family. Ncell Gift offer has been there for more than 5 years, which lets Ncell prepaid subscriber send some voice pack and data pack as a present to other Ncell Prepaid numbers.

With Ncell Kosheli, you can gift several services, data pack, voice pack to another Ncell number.

There are two data packs and two voice packs within Ncell Kosheli (Gift). They are 18 MB data pack, 50 MB data pack and 10 minutes talk time, 20 minutes talk time.

Gift offers

Here are the offers that you can gift to your loved ones with Ncell prepaid number.

Ncell Kosheli (Gift)
 Total Price (Rs.)Validity
18 MB data pack15.321 day
50 MB data pack44.697 days
20 minutes talk time49.80Unlimited
10 minutes talk time24.26Unlimited

The total price is inclusive of the Government taxes which is 13% for VAT and 13% for TSC.

Once you send the gift, the amount will be deducted from your main balance. The gifted talk time can be used for calls inside the Ncell network only, with no time bound whereas the data volume shall be used either in a day or 30 days as mentioned above in the validity.

The receiver will also get an SMS notification after the gift offer reaches its account.

How to send Gift in Ncell?

Ncell has three different methods to send the Kosheli. They are from IVR, USSD code and SMS. So, to send the gift,

  • you need to dial 17111 and follow the process afterward by IVR method.
  • By USSD, dial *17111# and follow the steps inside.
  • from SMS, you need to type the Phone number of the recipient, space, gift code for a particular gift offer, and send it to 17111

Here are the codes of the provided Ncell offers.

Ncell Kosheli offers
Gift code
18 MB data pack18MB
50 MB data pack50MB
20 mins talk time within Ncell network20M
10 mins talk time within Ncell network10M

All the prepaid customers in Ncell can use the gift facility, except for the Ncell connect users. The balance for the gift is taken from the main balance of the sender number. So, you cannot send gift using a bonus balance.

You can check the gift details by dialing *901# or *101# which is the same as the Ncell balance check process.

In a bid to bring unique new services in this fierce competition, Ncell has launched this service which is expected to be popular among love birds.

Tell us what do you think of the Gift offer, in the comment box below.

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