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Ncell new data packs

Ncell, the private telecom operator of Nepal has brought many new data packs in its latest offer. With the campaign called the Internet for all, they have brought all new data packs at affordable rates. Altogether, they brought 15 new data packages with different volumes and prices in Ncell new data packs. Those packages are even differentiated into three categories All-time, day only pack and Night only packs.

Those mobile data packs range from 20 MB to 4 GB, including all-time, day time, and night time ones. All these packs are valid for a month period. Compared to their previous packs, these packs are cheaper and they are aggressive on their part to allure costumers.

The time duration for the day period pack is from 5 am to 5 pm and the period for night pack is from 11 pm to 5 am.

How to activate Ncell new data packs.

To activate these Ncell new data packs, you need to send a message code (mentioned below in the list) to 17123. For example, to subscribe 20 MB all-time data pack, you need to send a message 20 to 17123. Similarly, for 40 MB day pack, you need to send 40DP to 17123 and for 80 MB night pack, you need to send 80N to 17123.

You can even subscribe by dialing *17123# or *123# and select the Ncell data packs you require. With the same rate, you can get 2 times more data in Day pack and 4 times more data in the night pack. For example, With Rs 9 either you can select 20 MB data pack all time, or 40 MB data pack at day time only or 80 MB data pack at night time only.

It can be taken multiple number of times.

List of Ncell new data packs.

Here is the list of the Ncell new data packs to be valid, including the data volume, cost and the keyword to send to 17123 for subscription or directly dial *17123# or *123#

Ncell new data packs internet for all Price

They shared that the Internet is a wonderful tool, resources, and a friend. Opening up the world to you, they said to bring a whole new experience in mobile internet to their customers. They also told to offer the most affordable rates, more innovative services along with a lot of wonderful surprises for all. This is what they commit to their customers. But what we say is that lets not that surprise be a bill shock to the customers.

Find the latest offers for the Ncell data pack.

These mobile data packs are found relevant, for different target groups. What we have also known is Nepal Telecom is also bringing more data packs in its range, along with night data offers. Let’s see who wins this race for attracting customers. We will compare Soon Nepal Telecom brings new data packs.

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