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Ntc Tops Mobile Data Speeds in the Latest NTA Report

This post explores the mobile data speeds of major telecom operators in Nepal with the latest data published by NTA. As per the report, the government-owned operator Nepal Telecom (NTC) topped the mobile data speeds test with a whopping peak throughput of 224.61 Mbps in one of the three provinces. Find more details of the NTA Mobile data speed test result of Ntc, Ncell, and Smart Cell.

The test comprised voice, SMS, data, and several other tests to show how each company measured against its preferred standards by NTA for mobile quality. Likewise, our previous post detailed the voice mobile service results which were not convincing, to say the least as telcos failed to live up to the standard ranges.

Meanwhile our post today will look into the stats on mobile data speeds provided by all the telcos in Nepal. This includes average download and upload speeds, and peak download and upload speeds across the three provinces with 4G and 3G. Check out: 3G vs 4G Mobile Network; Which one you should use?

In brief, the mobile data speed test showed Nepal Telecom overcoming other private telecom operators in most regions. The stats reveal the government-backed telco outpacing the data rates of private companies Ncell, and Smart Cell in average and peak download and upload speeds.

Tests were carried out in select areas of three provinces

NTA carried out the test in three provinces – Province no.1, Madhesh Province, and Gandaki Province. The consultant Inclusive-Everest-Microtech JV ran a thorough quality test of mobile data speeds across several kilometers in each province. The test area was divided into urban and rural areas. Find more details below.

NTA Drive testDrive test route
Urban area
Rural area
Province no. 1:
(Biratnagar, Birtamode, Illam)
Madhesh Province:
(Janakpur, Lahan, Birgun)
Gandaki Province:
(Gorakha , Damauli, Kaski)

Ntc tops mobile data speeds while Ncell trails in Province no.1

In Province no. 1, the government-owned company Nepal Telecom came on top in terms of average download speed with 24.24 Mbps. At the same time, the test showed the company’s average upload speed clocking at just 10.86 upload speed.

As for the peak speed, Ntc again claimed the top position. Ntc’s peak download speed clocked an impressive 224.61 Mbps. The upload speed also touched 51.32 Mbps which is also quite incredible.

Coming to Ncell, its average download speed clocked 18.8 Mbps which is almost less than 6 Mbps of Ntc. Similarly, the company’s average download speed also touched over 8 Mbps but again slightly less than Ntc’s.

However, at peak speeds, Ncell touched a respectable 137.54 Mbps download speed and 52.54 Mbps upload speed. That means Ncell’s upload speed topped Ntc’s by a fine margin. It’s not distinctly noticeable, but still, here the private telco gave a run for money to its immediate competitor.

Data ThroughputNtc (Mbps)Ncell (Mbps)Smart Cell (Mbps)
Average download speed24.2418.88.76
Average upload speed10.868.584.31
Peak download speed224.61137.4574.42
Peak upload speed51.3252.5420.88

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Smart Cell’s speeds fall flat

The drive test didn’t draw in encouraging numbers for Smart Cell. The third-largest telco in Nepal only managed dismal speeds when compared to Ntc’s, and Ncell’s throughput numbers.

Smart Cell’s average download speed was recorded as just 8.76 Mbps. It’s less than Ntc’s by over 15 Mbps and by Ncell’s by 10 Mbps. The upload speed also remained woeful. It averaged only 4.31 Mbps.

At the same time, the company touched 74.42 Mbps peak download speed and 20.88 peak upload speed in the drive test.

Speeds slow down a bit in Madhesh Province

Telcos’ mobile throughput stats fall by a margin in the Madhesh Province although Ntc comes on top again in most measures.

Ntc again ranked atop with 17.24 average download speeds in the tested areas in the Madhesh Province while it clocked 5.97 Mbps in average upload speed. The peak download falters here but still touches 138.36 Mbps against the peak upload speed of just 47.9 Mbps.

Ncell trailed behind Ntc with 15.65 Mbps download speed on average and 6.31 upload speed. Likewise, the telco reached 108.44 Mbps peak download and 39.69 Mbps upload speed.

Again, Smart Cell’s numbers are not impressive here either. The telco’s average download and upload speeds managed only 5.5 Mbps and 1.85 Mbps respectively. At the same time, the highest download speed couldn’t exceed 70 Mbps. The peak upload speed touched a dismal 20.88 Mbps only.

Data ThroughputNtc
Smart Cell
Average download speed17.2415.655.5
Average upload speed5.976.311.85
Peak download speed138.36108.4469.94
Peak upload speed 47.939.6920.88

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Ncell closes the gap with Ntc in Gandaki Province

In Gandaki province, however, the numbers are somewhat comparable between Ntc, and Ncell. In this hilly province, Ncell steers to the top with an average download speed of 18.14 Mbps. Here, Ntc trailed behind only by a fine margin with just 17.22 Mbps average download speed. At the same time, Smart Cell rested behind with an average of 9.41 Mbps downlink speed.

Ntc meanwhile tops Ncell with 8.89 average upload speed with the latter only registering 6.21 Mbps. Smart Cell stands third with a miserable 1.46 Mbps uplink capacity. Don’t miss: The State of 4G Speed in Nepal and its Influencing Factors

Ncell again leads the table with a peak 125.24 Mbps download speed. It falls short by a slim margin to Ntc’s 119.66 Mbps speed in the same category. Smart Cell registered a respectable 70.85 peak download speed here.

In terms of peak upload speed, Ntc, Ncell, and Smart Cell touched 47.82 Mbps, 41.52 Mbps, and 20.72 Mbps speed respectively.

Data Throughput Ntc
Smart Cell
Average download speed17.2218.149.41
Average upload speed8.896.211.46
Peak download speed119.66125.2470.85
Peak upload speed47.8241.5220.72

How was Ntc able to offer higher mobile data speeds?

It is because Ntc uses Carrier Aggregation technology. Shortly known as CA, it is used by technology to increase the data rates per user. Ntc is the only company in Nepal providing the coveted CA technology for its 4G network. The company offers its LTE Advanced network in two carrier bands – 1800 MHz and 800 MHz.

NTc merges the two bands that allow it to multiply the data rate for end-users which in turn results in higher mobile data speeds.

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Ntc 4G speed
A screenshot showing the peak mobile data speed of Ntc 4G

Ncell meanwhile provides its 4G network on two bands – 900 MHz and 1800 MHz. But despite being theoretically capable, it hasn’t yet incorporated the Carrier Aggregation asset on its LTE towers. Whereas Smart Cell only has 4G network-enabled in the single band only. But add to it, Smart has limited coverage in Nepal which also explains its nosedived data speed figures.

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How do you rate the mobile data speed performance in your area? Don’t forget to share with us in the comments below.

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