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Ncell giving away 150 Samsung S4.

Ncell- the private GSM operator of Nepal is giving away 150 Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphones to its customers for the recharge of Rs 100 or more. Every day, 5 winners for Samsung S4 phone will be selected for 30 days through a lucky draw (as written in their website). They even say that recharge done in a day is eligible for the lucky draw for that day only.
This offer is valid to all Ncell subscribers except Ncell Connect, for the top up of Rs 100 through recharge card only.
As there have been several such schemes from Ncell before, people are complaining that such attractive giveaways are just a sham to earn more money but you never know the truth until you or people near you turn out a winner. What about you, do you believe in such offers?

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