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Ntc Summer offer provides up to 100 percent data bonus

Ntc (Nepal Telecom) has launched Summer offer for their subscribers with more data bonus. They have been providing seasonal offers like winter, spring and summer offer. Ntc summer offer includes several packs  in their mobile services. Previous offers like Weekend data pack, night data pack, Voice packs, unlimited data pack, 4G data pack continues with the Ntc summer offer. They also add 50 to 100 percent bonus data volume in several data packs.

Ntc summer offer is valid from Baishak 26, 2075 to Shrawan 21, 2075. All of the prices are inclusive of applicable taxes. You will get more data volume with the same price as that of previous packs. Updated:

What are there in Ntc Summer offer?

Weekend data pack

Weekend pack can be used with Ntc GSM, CDMA Prepaid and postpaid mobile. Ntc weekend pack includes 1 GB data usage each day for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It will cost Rs 100 and remains valid for 7 days period.

DescriptionData VolumePack Rate (NRs.)Time ValidityPack ValiditySubscription Code
Weekend Pack3GB (1 GB per day)100Valid for all time during Friday, Saturday & Sunday (Weekend)7 DaysType WEEKEND and Send SMS to 1415

All time data pack

Ntc adds 50 percent bonus to the all time data pack in the summer offer. Here are the different range of all time data packs.

Get 50 % data bonus

Price (NRs.)Data Volume (MB)Bonus Volume (MB)Total Volume (MB)ValiditySubscription Code
102010303 DaysData20MB and Send it to 1415
256030907 DaysData60MB and Send it to 1415
501256519014 DaysData125MB and Send it to 1415
10040020060014 DaysData400MB and Send it to 1415
200850425127528 DaysData850MB and Send it to 1415
3001500750225028 DaysData1500MB and Send it to 1415
50035001750525028 DaysData3500MB and Send it to 1415

Night time volume based pack

There is also 50 percent additional data volume for the night time volume based pack. So the total volume after the bonus, price and validity  in different range are as follows:

Get 50 % data bonus

Night volume pack Price Nrs.Data Volume (MB)Bonus Volume (50%)Total Volume (MB)ValiditySubscription Code
15150752253 DaysNight150MB and Send it to 1415
455002507507 DaysNight500MB and Send it to 1415
901200600180014 DaysNight1200MB and Send it to 1415
20036121806541828 DaysNight3GB and Send it to 1415
30066563328998428 DaysNight6GB and Send it to 1415

Night unlimited data pack

Apart from single day unlimited data pack, Ntc adds weekly and monthly night unlimited data packs. Daily, weekly and monthly unlimited data pack includes 1 GB of data browsing in the pack at full speed. After the consumption of 1GB, the speed falls back to 256 kbps for the valid period.

  • Rs 15 for 1 night unlimited data pack: Daily night unlimited data pack
  • Price of Rs 85 for 7 night unlimited data pack: Weekly night unlimited data pack
  • Rs 240 for 30 night unlimited data pack: Monthly night unlimited data pack

All time social media packs

Get 50 % data bonus

Ntc social media packs include data packs for the social medias Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp. All of those social medias are owned by Facebook. The different range of social media packs in Ntc summer offer are:

S.NNtc social media packsPriceValidityTotal volume with 50 percent volume
150 MB packRs 123 days75 MB
2110 MB packRs 257 days165 MB
3230 MB packRs 5014 days345 MB
4500 MB packRs 10028 days750 MB
51100 MB packRs 20028 days1650 MB

Data Streaming pack

Data streaming pack is applicable for all time use and is valid for GSM/CDMA Prepaid and Postpaid Users only. Users can view YouTube Videos and Live TV Streaming from the WOWTIME APP.  The basic price of Rs 10 will provide 150 MB data including bonus, which is valid for a day. To subscribe this, you need to send a message YT100MB to 1415.

Get 50 % data bonus

Ntc data streaming pack Price(NRs.)Data Volume (MB)Bonus Volume (50%)Total Volume (MB)ValiditySubscription Code
454002006007 DaysYT400MB and send to1415
80800400120014 DaysYT800MB and send to1415
1151200600180021 DaysYT1200MB and send to1415

4G data pack

Get 100 % data bonus

Ntc 4G data packs for this offer include different volume and validity packs. This offer is only valid for Ntc 4G service which is available in Kathmandu and Pokhara for now. Ntc adds hundred percent of bonus to the 4G data packs. The different 4G packs are as follows.

Ntc 4G data pack Price (NRs.)Data Volume (MB)Bonus Volume (100%)Total Volume (MB)ValiditySubscription Code
123030603 Days4G30MB & Send to1415
502002004007 Days4G200MB& Send to1415
100500500100014 Days4G500MB& Send to1415
20012001200240028 Days4G1200MB& Send to1415
30020002000400028 Days4G2000MB& Send to1415
50036003600720028 Days4G3600MB& Send to1415

GSM 3G/ 4G pack

Ntc adds new 3G / 4G pack in their summer offer. There are daily, weekly and 28 days 3G / 4G data packs. With the packs, customers can browse 1 GB data per day and 20 minutes per day data streaming pack. The time band for the usage is for all time period. Here are the different 3G/ 4G data packs. Read more about the offer here.

  • Rs 45 for 1 day 3G/ 4G pack with free 20 mins streaming per day
  • Price of Rs 250 for 7 days 3G / 4G data pack with free 20 mins streaming per day
  • Rs 850 for 28 days 3G / 4G data pack with free 20 mins streaming per day

All time voice pack

Ntc All time voice pack is applicable for both GSM/CDMA Prepaid and Postpaid customers.

All time voice pack Price (NRs.)Voice (Minutes)ValiditySubscription Code
10111DaysVOICE11& Send to 1415
25303 DaysVOICE30 & Send to 1415
50755 DaysVOICE75 & Send to 1415
10020010 DaysVOICE200 & Send to 1415
20041028 DaysVOICE410& Send to 1415
30065030 DaysVOICE650& Send to 1415
550120060 DaysVOICE1200& Send to 1415

Night voice pack

Applicable for all GSM prepaid and postpaid subscribers. Pack can be used between 10:00PM to 6:00AM.

Night voice pack Price (NRs.)Voice (Minutes)ValiditySubscription Code
10703 DaysNV70 and send to 1415
252507 DaysNV250 and send to 1415

Ntc also continues India call offer, WOW data streaming packs with the summer offer. They have added some affordable FTTH data packs to their customers with summer offer.

 Ntc unlimited FTTH offer

To subscribe the packs in GSM mobile, subscribers need to dial *1415# and select the options available for different packs in the Ntc Summer offer. CDMA subscribers need to send the respective messages to 1415 to subscribe the packs.

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