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Ntc brings Winter offer 2075, includes data pack, voice pack and day pack

It has been a year since Ntc started the seasonal offer for Winter, Summer, Autumn. Now as it is Winter season of 2075, Ntc brings Winter offer 2075 with different attractive discounts and packages. Ntc Winter offer 2075 includes several data packs, voice packs, unlimited packs, 4G data packs, and day packs. Find below about the pack and the cost.

Ntc Winter offer 2075 is valid from Poush 29 to Chaitra 28. Most of the packages/discounts in Autumn offer are continued in this offer, along with some additional pack. The 50 percent additional data volume in some of the packages is also continued here.

Find below for the packages in the NTC Winter offer 2075.


This ALL-TIME pack is valid for all GSM & CDMA (Postpaid/ Prepaid)customers. The user can subscribe this pack at any day of the week but this is effective only on FRIDAY, SATURDAY & SUNDAY(Weekend). The Weekend pack is valid for a week period.

DescriptionDataPrice(NRs.)ValiditySubscription Code
All-time Weekend pack for Friday, Saturday and Sunday3GB (1 GB per day)1007 DaysWEEKEND


All time data pack


ALL-TIME pack is valid for GSM & CDMA (Postpaid/ Prepaid) customers. Users will get 50% more data in this offer.

Price (NRs.)Data (MB)Bonus (MB)Total (MB)ValiditySMS Code to 1415
10158231 DaysData15MB
255025757 DaysData50MB
501055315828 DaysData105MB
10034017051028 DaysData340MB
200725363108828 DaysData725MB
3001275638191328 DaysData1275MB
50030001500450028 DaysData3000MB


Night Time Volume based pack


This Night-TIME DataPack is valid for GSM/CDMA (Postpaid/Prepaid)customers. Users will get 50% more data in this offer. The time period of the nighttime data pack is from 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM.

Price (NRs.)Data (MB)Bonus (MB)Total (MB)ValiditySMS Code to 1415
54523681 DaysNight45MB
454252136387 DaysNight425MB
30051202560768028 DaysNight5120MB


Unlimited Night Data Pack

This UNLIMITED NIGHT DATA pack is valid for GSM/CDMA (Postpaid/Prepaid)customers. The pack can be used from 10 PM- 6 AM. Users can enjoy full speed up to 1 GB per night and after 1 GB, the speed will throttle at 256 kbps unlimited.

DescriptionPrice (NRs.)Pack ValiditySMS Code to 1415
Daily Unlimited151 NightNUNL
Weekly Unlimited857 NightsUNL7
Monthly Unlimited24028 NightsUNL28


All-time Social Media Pack (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp & Twitter)


The social media pack is applicable for All Time Use and is valid for GSM/CDMA (Postpaid/Prepaid) customers. This pack can be used on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Twitter application. Ntc recommends using the official Facebook/Instagram/WhatsApp and Twitter Android/IOS application while using this data pack.

Price (NRs.)Data (MB)Bonus (MB)Total (MB)ValiditySMS code to 1415
52010301 DaysFB20MB
2590451357 DaysFB90MB
10045022567528 DaysFB450MB
2001000500150028 DaysFB1000MB

All-time Streaming data pack (YouTube/WOWTIME, Music etc)

GET up to 50% BONUS DATA

This pack is applicable for All Time use and is valid for GSM/CDMA(Prepaid and Postpaid) customers. With this data pack, Nepal Telecom customers can view YouTube Videos and Live TV Streaming from the WOWTIME APP.

Price (NRs.)Data (MB)Bonus (MB)Total (MB)ValiditySubscription Code
10100501501 DayYT100MB
454002006007 DaysYT400MB
1151300600195028 DaysYT1300MB


All-time 4G DATA PACK (GSM 4G Users)

(Dial *444# for 4G/LTE Activation)

This package is applicable for 4G/LTE users currently in Kathmandu valley and Pokhara only. Users can enjoy the speed of 4G/LTE network at the lowest cost ever. To enjoy this offer, Nepal Telecom recommends remaining on the 4G Network. Users need to ensure that their handset supports 4G/LTE Network and are under 4G service coverage area. Previously in summer offer, 100 percent data bonus was available whereas now only 50 percent data bonus is available.

Price (NRs.)Data (MB)Bonus (MB)Total (MB)ValiditySubscription Code
50170852557 Days4G170MB
10040020060028 Days4G400MB
2001024512153628 Days4G1024MB
3001741871261228 Days4G1741MB
50030721536460828 Days4G3072MB

GSM/CDMA 3G/4G Data(1GB Per Day Pack)

This pack is applicable for All Time Use and is valid for GSM & CDMA (Prepaid and Postpaid) customers only. Using this pack, users can enjoy 1GB data per day and will get 20 minutes of streaming data as a bonus. YouTube Videos and Live TV from the WOWTIME APP can be watched using bonus streaming data.

Price (NRs.)Data(GB)BonusValiditySubscription Code
451GB20 Minutes of streaming per day1Day1D1G
2507GB20 Minutes of streaming per day7 Days7D7G
85028GB20 Minutes of Streaming per day28Days28D28G


This ALL TIME VOICE PACK is applicable for both GSM/CDMA (Prepaid and Postpaid) customers.

Price(NRs.)Voice (Minutes)ValiditySMS Code
10111 DayVOICE11
25303 DaysVOICE30
50755 DaysVOICE75
10019010 DaysVOICE190
20040028 DaysVOICE400
550116060 DaysVOICE1160

Night Time Voice pack (10 pm to 6 am)

This Night Voice Pack is applicable for all GSM/CDMA (Prepaid and Postpaid) customers. This Pack can be used between 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM.

  • Night unlimited voice pack for a night: Rs 12. Customers can subscribe to this voice pack by sending a message NVUNL to 1415.

Here are the other night voice packs.

Price (NRs.)Voice (Minutes)ValiditySubscription Code
5301 DayNV30
252407 DaysNV240
100110028 DaysNV1100


All the voice packs can only be used to call NTC numbers only.

Ntc Day pack

The pack that is different from Autumn offer in the NTC Winter offer 2075 is Ntc Day pack.

Ntc day pack is valid for a day for the period of 6 am to 6 pm. The cost of NTC day pack is Rs 6 with which customer can make 60 minutes call OR 36 MB data in the day. Read more here.


The unlimited one hour pack in Nepal Telecom resumes which provides unlimited data, voice, and SMS for an hour.

DescriptionPrice(NRs.)ValiditySubscription Code
UNLIMITED (VOICE, SMS & DATA)181 Hour After ActivationType FDPACK and Send SMS to 1415

All the offer prices are inclusive of the applicable Government taxes.

Other offers in Winter offer are:

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