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Find out how much international bandwidth ISPs bring to Nepal | 2023 update

Different ISPs brought differing volumes of international internet bandwidth into Nepal in 2023 as demanded by their customer base and business structure. As per Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA), the total international bandwidth reached 1,342 Gbps for Nepal. The figure marks a slight year-to-year increase from 2022 as internet service providers (ISP) cater to higher internet demands now a year on.

In 2022, Nepal’s internet bandwidth reached 1 Tbps. As obvious, the continuous growth of smartphone and internet use contributed to the increase in internet bandwidth too.

Ten companies in Nepal buy international bandwidth. They use the bandwidth while some also redistribute them to other Nepali service providers. Find out the list of how much international bandwidth each ISP/company buys to Nepal.

WorldLink, Nepal’s largest ISP in terms of subscribers, is responsible for importing the highest volume of international bandwidth into Nepal. We can classify them as companies buying over and below 100 Gbps bandwidth.

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List of companies and ISPs with their international internet bandwidth volume brought to Nepal | 2023

As per the data by NTA, WorldLink brings up to 400 Gbps of international bandwidth into Nepal. Second, comes Nepal Digital Service with 200 Gbps to its share. Private company Subisu buys 180 Gbps bandwidth to Nepal. Leading private telcos Nepal Telecom (NTC) and Ncell Axiata bring 175 Gbps and 140 Gbps international bandwidth. Another private ISP Vianet purchases 130 Gbps international bandwidth for Nepali internet users.

Companies with the highest volume of international bandwidthBandwidth volume
WorldLink400 Gbps
Nepal Digital Service200 Gbps
Subisu180 Gbps
Nepal Telecom (NTC)175 Gbps
Ncell140 Gbps
Vianet130 Gbps

There are other companies that bring below 100 Gbps international internet bandwidth. Popular ISP Classic Tech brings 60 Gbps international bandwidth into the country. DTH/ISP Dish Media (Dish Home), CG Communication (CG Net), and Mercantile Communication import 40 Gbps, 15 Gbps, and 2 Gbps international bandwidth.

Companies with the below 100 Gbps international internet bandwidthBandwidth volume
Classic Tech60 Gbps
Dish Media40 Gbps
CG Communication15 Gbps
Mercantile Communication2 Gbps

Most Nepali companies buy internet bandwidth from Indian companies such as Sify, Airtel, Tata, etc. Ntc and Mercantile additionally buy their internet bandwidth from China Telecom.

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Internet bandwidth will continue to grow further in Nepal

Internet traffic/bandwidth has steadily grown in Nepal since the Covid-19 lockdown. The pandemic has inspired new use cases of broadband internet while many have taken to streaming and remote work for side hustles. Intenet-heavy video-sharing platforms such as TikTok have also spiked Nepal’s total internet consumption.

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As smartphone use grows and coincides with cheaper data tariffs, internet bandwidth will continue to grow.

How much internet bandwidth do you consume a month and how do you buy them? You can share in the comments below.

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