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Ntc Spring offer 2076 launched with Data packs, voice packs, unlimited packs & more

Nepal Telecom (NTC) has brought Spring offer for the year 2076. Nepal Telecom continues its seasonal offer with the Spring offer to benefit its customers with discounts and packages. Ntc Spring offer 2076 includes various data packs, voice packs, unlimited packs, 4G packs and more.

Ntc Spring offer 2076 starts from Chaitra 30 for the duration of 90 days. Although various packs remain the same, Ntc has revised some of the packs like 1 hour unlimited, Social media pack, Voice and data packs. Please find below for all the information on the packs.

1. Data packs

One hour unlimited packs

With this pack, the customer can make an unlimited call, send unlimited SMS or use unlimited data for the one hour period. The cost of the one-hour unlimited pack is Rs 20 which was previously Rs 18. But Ntc provides an additional 10 minutes to make the pack validity of 70 minutes. Ntc GSM and CDMA customers can take the unlimited pack to make calls and SMS within their network. To subscribe this pack, customer need to send a message with the keyword FDPACK to 1415 Or by dialing *1415#.

All time data pack

GSM, CDMA postpaid and prepaid customers can take the ALL time data packs. The price of data packs which are valid for all the time ranges from Rs 12 to Rs 990. Similarly, the data volume in the packs ranges from 28 MB to 12 GB. The validity of those packs is from 1 day to 42 days. Here is the summary of those All time data packs.

S.N.Price(NRs.)Data (MB)ValiditySubscription Code
112281 DaysType Data28MB and Send SMS to 1415
2251001 DaysType Eco100MB and Send SMS to 1415
330903 DaysType Data90MB and Send SMS to 1415
4601907 DaysType Data190MB and Send SMS to 1415
51005007 DaysType Eco500MB and Send SMS to 1415
6240150028 DaysType Data1500MB and Send SMS to 1415
7500450028 DaysType Data4500MB and Send SMS to 1415
89901228842 daysType Data12GB and Send SMS to 1415

Day data pack

The day data pack includes 55 MB of data pack at Rs 9. The pack can be used for the day time from 6 am to 6 pm.

  • Ntc day data pack: 55 MB @ Rs 9 for 6 am to 6 pm.

1 GB per day data pack

With this 1 GB per day data pack, customers can take 1 GB data @ Rs 45 valid for a day. Similarly, there is such 1 GB per day pack for 7 days which costs Rs 250. And the 1GB per day data pack for 28 days costs 850.

SNPrice(NRs.)DataValiditySubscription Code
1451GB1 DayType 1D1G and Send SMS to 1415
22507GB7 DaysType 7D7G and Send SMS to 1415
385028GB28 DaysType 28D28G and Send SMS to 1415

Night data pack

The night data pack includes several data packs for the night period. Ntc revises the start of the night period from 10 pm to 11 pm. So the night data pack is now valid from 11 pm to 6 am. There are two-night data packs, which are:

  • Night data pack of 125 MB @ Rs 9 for one night: Keyword: Night125MB
  • Night data pack of 630 MB @ Rs 45 for 7 nights. Keyword: Night630MB

Unlimited night data pack

There is two unlimited night data pack for 1 night and 7 nights. This night data pack is also valid from 11 pm to 6 pm now. After the consumption of 1 GB data volume, the speed will go down to 256 kbps.

  • 1-night unlimited data pack @ Rs 15: Keyword: NUNL
  • 7 nights unlimited data pack @ Rs 85: Keyword: UNL7

Social Media pack

With the NTC social media pack, customers can use social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Twitter. Previously Twitter was not included in the pack. Ntc recommends using the official apps of those Social media for this pack. Social media packs are:

  • 36 MB social media pack costs Rs 6 for a day: Keyword: FB36MB
  • 150 MB social media pack costs Rs 30 for 3 days, Keyword: FB150MB
  • 325 MB social media pack costs Rs 60 for 7 days, Keyword: FB325MB

Streaming data pack

The streaming data pack can be used for YouTube videos or Streaming through WOWTime app. The streaming data pack includes

  • 150 MB data at Rs 12 for a day: Keyword: YT150MB
  • 400 MB data at Rs 30 for 3 days: Keyword: YT400MB
  • 900 MB data streaming at Rs 60 for 7 days: YT900MB

2. Voice packs

All-time voice pack

All-time voice pack in Ntc ranges from Rs 12 to Rs 500. The voice minutes in the pack are from 14 minutes to 1100 minutes. The validity of the pack is from 1 day to 42 days.

SNPrice(NRs.)Voice (Minutes)ValiditySubscription Code
112141 DayType VOICE14 and Send SMS to 1415
225401 DayType ECOVOICE40 and Send SMS to 1415
330403 DaysType VOICE40 and Send SMS to 1415
460757 DaysType VOICE75  and Send SMS to 1415
51001907 DaysType VOICE190 and Send SMS to 1415
624049028 DaysType VOICE490 and Send SMS to 1415
7500110042 DaysType VOICE1100 and Send SMS to 1415

Night Time voice pack

Night time voice pack includes 1 night, 3 nights and 7 nights pack with 60 minutes, 170 minutes and 340 minutes voice time. The night voice pack is valid for the duration of 10 pm to 6 am.

SNPrice(NRs.)Voice (Minutes)ValiditySubscription Code
19601 NightType NV60 and send SMS to 1415
2151703 NightsType NV170 and send SMS to 1415
3303407 NightsType NV340 and send SMS to 1415

The unlimited night voice pack

Ntc unlimited night voice pack in Spring offer provides unlimited voice call within NTC network for one night. The cost of the unlimited night voice pack is Rs 12. The validity period of the night voice pack is from 10 pm to 6 am. To activate the night unlimited voice pack, you need to send a message with keyword NVUNL to 1415.

Day time voice pack

Just like the day data pack, the customer can use this pack for a day. But the valid period of the pack is from 5 am to 5 pm. With this pack, the customer can get 90 minutes of voice call within the day at Rs 9.

  • 90 minutes of voice call at Rs 9 for a day
  • Keyword: Voice90 and send it to 1415.

Free data with Ntc App Download

Ntc will provide 100 MB free data volume to the people who download their app for the first time and register. If you have not registered yourself to the Nepal Telecom app, you just need to download the App and register your number. Find the Top ten reasons why you should use the Nepal Telecom app.

Other packs in the Spring Offer are:

All of the tariff mentioned above is inclusive of regular taxes.

How to subscribe Ntc Spring offer?

To subscribe Ntc Spring offer 2076 in GSM or CDMA, customer need to

  • send the respective keyword to 1415. You can find the keyword of the packs above.

For GSM customers, they can subscribe the offer through USSD code

  • by dialing *1415# and select the required packs in there.

Ntc customers can also subscribe the offers from their official app.


Ntc has revised some of the packs that are there in the seasonal offers. They have provided some more amount of data and validity to benefit their customers. Similarly, the social media pack includes Twitter which is the demand of all the customers. Now people who are fond of Twitter can also use the social media pack.

Tell us how do you feel of the NTC Spring offer 2076.

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