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Top Ten popular Nepali apps

Continuing the result of the survey held in CAN infotech 2015, we now release the top ten Nepali application that is popular among Nepali smartphone users. As we post in the previous result “Top Ten phone makers in Nepal” that Android has more market share in Nepal than any other operating system, most of the popular applications are developed in the Android platform.

Comparing to the result we had in 2012, we find that some of the apps like the Nepali Loadshedding schedule and Nepali Patro are still there in the top list. They are equally popular now whereas it includes some latest applications as well. Here is the list of Popular Nepali apps in the order from the tenth spot to the top spot.

10. Nepali FM radio:

Best way to Listen to all NEPAL FM Radio on your Android Phone. This app has more than 100+ Nepali Radio Stations right on your Android phone.

9. Call break:

Popular Card game in Nepal to play it in Android phones, launched a year ago.

8. Type Nepali:

Type Nepali app provides an easy way to type in Unicode Nepali right on your mobile device. Type romanize Nepali words in the text box on the homepage. As you press the spacebar, the words will be converted into Unicode Nepali and displayed inside the text area above.

7. Nepali Dictionary:

First offline dictionary for the Nepali Language. It’s a two-way dictionary, which means it is a Nepali-English dictionary as well as an English-Nepali dictionary.

6. Nepal Telecom:

Application for the information about all the services and payment utility for Nepal Telecom users. The official app of the government-owned operator: Nepal Telecom.

5. Hamro Nepali Keyboard:

Hamro Keyboard is a Nepali keyboard for all of us who love the Nepali language. You can use this keyboard to write Nepali text in any app. With Hamro Nepali Keyboard, you can type Nepali directly to any app.

4. KMG now called eKantipur

Android app for Kantipur Media Group: the big Media house in Nepal. A platform that will allow you to access all of Kantipur services (from ekantipur, Kantipur radio, KTV, National dailies like Kantipur, Kathmandu post, and Weekly Magazines) from a single device.

3. eSewa:

eSewa, a digital wallet on your web is made available to your mobile device with this app. It is the Digital Payment Portal of Nepal enabled with hosted wallet both Internet and mobile wallet along with new and unique services like VISA Prepaid Card, Payout Agent (Cash in and Cash out) and different payment facilities.

2. Nepali Patro:

Calendar for Nepali People, available both in Nepali Unicode and English language. Provides Tithi and Events in Bikram Sambat, Date Conversion from BS to Ad and vice versa, Foreign Exchange, Horoscope, and Shuva Sait for Marriage, Pasni, and Bartabanda.

1. Nepal Loadshedding Schedule:

Nepal Load-shedding Schedule serves all android users with an efficient way to view load shedding schedule. You can view, create a widget, receive notification before/after the load shedding.

Apart from those ten, some of the apps like nlocate, Loksewa Nepal, Marriage Card game, and Batti ayo came very near to the list in the Android platform whereas, in iOS Batti gayo, Hamro Patro, SCT Moco, Nepali FM are found very popular.

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