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Nepal Telecom expanding 3G in Bhaktapur.

Feb 15, 2014: Nepal Telecom  has begun swapping new network in Bhaktapur, after more than six months of expansion of such network in Kathmandu. With the expansion, NT GSM subscribers can experience good quality voice and access fast data through 3G. The network swap in Kathmandu pleased NT customers with the fast internet and relatively good voice call but there are still some areas in Kathmandu and Lalitpur where there is no 3G and even good 2G coverage. NT tells such areas will also be covered with the current swap that has started from Bhaktapur.
NT has published a schedule for the areas to be swapped with the new network in which Pespicola  area and vicinity has been already changed on Friday (Feb 14), whereas Jadibuti-Lokanthali-Gatthaghar areas will be swapped on Saturday and Sallaghari-Suryabinayak-Jagati areas will be swapped on Sunday. It is known that more swap schedule will be published till the completion in whole of Kathmandu.
How to know if you are served with the new network.
Dial *9# from your mobile and see if you get your mobile number. You are in the new network area if you get your mobile number. Otherwise you are still in the old network.

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