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Finding Best ISP in Nepal: Comparing Speed and Offers.

There is no doubt that you want the best internet service provider at an affordable price, but with the ever-growing number of ISP in Nepal, it isn’t as easy as it sounds. Of course, the quality of your internet reflects your productivity, from browsing the web to streaming videos from YouTube, your internet quality affects how much you get things done. Here you will find the different technology, services for the best Internet service providers (ISP) in Nepal.

We are here to help you in selecting the best ISP Internet Service Provider in Nepal. So, we will be comparing the quality and quantity of various ISP, and you can choose according to your needs.

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First, let’s get the terms right because you may want to know the different types of internet access. The frequently used name is “Broadband”; it merely covers all of the commonly used internet access: DSL, fiber-optic, cable, and satellite except the dial-up. Since satellite internet access isn’t available in Nepal, we won’t be talking about that.

1.DSL (Digital Subscriber Line)

The most Popular DSL service is the one provided by NTC: ADSL. It uses the telephone line to give the internet without disrupting the telephone service. The thing with ADSL is that they are old, and the speed you experience decreases with your distance from the ISP station. Right now, in Nepal, the only ADSL provider in Nepal Telecom (NTC), but we will see how NTC is dealing with this worn-out technology. The A in the ADSL means Asymmetric for the downlink and uplink speed, with the downlink being of higher data rate.

2. Cable 

The local cable TV provider provides this internet connection. The internet connection and TV connection use the same wire for the service. Although it is an excellent alternative to ADSL, it isn’t the best one either. Although most of the cable TV providers in Nepal use this service, fiber internet is going to replace it all.

3. Optical Fiber (FTTH)

Finally, the fastest internet connection so far is with optical fiber. If you are not familiar with fiber-optics technology, it uses optical fiber, which is flexible, transparent with a diameter that is slightly thicker than a human hair. It is superior to ADSL or cable connection in every aspect; they permit transmission over longer distances and at higher data rates. While the initial cost is a bit high, it is a service worth investing in for the long run. Read more posts about fiber internet FTTH.

There are tons of ISP in Nepal right now, but we will be focusing on four major ISP. Now let’s get down to business to help you find the best ISP in Nepal.


Vianet, being the pioneer for FTTH (Fiber to the Home) internet service in Nepal, provides a wide range of internet package. Vianet provided both limited and unlimited internet access. In unlimited access, Vianet has 25 Mbps unlimited for Rs. 1500 (inclusive of taxes) per month, 35 Mbps unlimited for Rs 1700 (inclusive of taxes) per month. They also provide 60 Mbps unlimited for Rs 2200 per month.

All the unlimited internet plan now comes with a free NetTV subscription. But you need to pay Rs 1500 for STB activation and deposit.

For the FTTH cable and installation service, you need to pay Rs 2500 for the installation and Rs 500 for the fiber WiFi device deposit. If you choose to install a 3-months or 12-month service at the time, then Vianet offers a lot of discounts like only Rs 1000 and Rs 500 for installation. Vianet is frequently known for its outstanding, reliable service and good enough customer support.

Vianet recently increased its FUP limit by up to 80%. So the new FUP quota for 25 Mbps internet is 800 GB.

On the second number, we have WorldLink, which claims to be the largest ISP in Nepal. It currently offers FTTH service at a wide range of speeds and data packages. If you are a home user, you may want to stick with the Fiber-Home service. It offers 30 Mbps unlimited access at Rs. 1550 (with taxes). In addition to this, you have to pay for drop wire at Rs.500, Fiber router at Rs 2500, and a deposit fee of Rs. 500. Check out the updated Price of Worldlink Internet Packages and Offers.

Besides this, 40 Mbps and 60 Mbps unlimited access and data package options are also available, but to be honest, 60 Mbps is a bit of an overkill for a mild home user. The cost of an unlimited 40 Mbps and 60 Mbps data speed per month are Rs 1850 and Rs 2200, respectively. On the purchase of every pack, you will get some NetTV package for free. Also, the drop wire cost, fiber router cost, and deposit fee will cost less if you purchase three months or 12 months’ offer. Talking about reliability, WorldLink is in the toe to toe with Vianet in the past few years. 

3. Subisu

Another popular ISP, Subisu, currently provides FTTH, Cable, and Wireless internet service. It seems to focus on both cable TV and as well as internet service. Subisu’s preference may be a good thing for a lot of people who need a Setup box TV subscription.

Since there are tons of mind-boggling services, we won’t be talking about all of them. The suitable internet service would be 20 Mbps unlimited access for one month, including TV. These services also include digital TV along with all the router, installation charges included. The initial costs include the ONU activation charge of Rs 2655, wire charge of Rs 442, which goes down if you subscribe for three months or 12 months.

The monthly price of this 20 Mbps package is Rs. 1400 (it’s exclusive of VAT). In my honest opinion, it is better to contact Subisu through a phone call to know about their services price. For 35 Mbps and 45 Mbps, the monthly cost comes at Rs 1450 and Rs 1550.

When it comes to reliability, the speed seems to be reasonably reliable. We can discard those outages which can happen with any internet service provider.


Finally, at the bottom of the list is the good old ADSL. I know this isn’t the 20th century, but ADSL is still among the most used internet service. ADSL has become a synonym for slow internet connection, but believe it or not, ADSL has INCREASED ITS DATA SPEED. I am a lifelong ADSL user, and when I was about to quit ADSL for another ISP, ADSL upgraded its quality. Find detailed information on the NTC ADSL internet service.

For about 5 Mbps speed, you got to pay Rs—800 (with taxes) per month. But there are downsides like you need to have an NTC landline telephone service for ADSL. ADSL still is far from being a perfect ISP. With competitive ISP’s on the market with better service at a lower price, ADSL is struggling for its existence. But you are low on budget to switch to another ISP from ADSL; it’s better to stay with ADSL. One thing I can tell you is that the service of ADSL is quite brilliant nowadays. Internet disconnections are rare to none.

I would also like to recommend using Ntc’s FTTH (fiber internet service) if available. Ntc is migrating the ADSL service to its FTTH service. Find the offers and availability of Ntc FTTH fiber internet service. They are currently distributing FTTH in limited areas while the expansion to more areas is also happening rapidly.

Having written all of those, we believe you have found the best ISP, Internet Service provider for your requirement in Nepal.

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